9th Congress of World Society for Reconstructive Microsurgery, Bridging the Gap and Beyond, June 14(Wed) – 17(Fri), 2017 COEX Seoul, Korea

Scientific Program

F01 General 1
Date & Time June 15 (Thu)
14:00 - 15:10
Room GBR 101 Track General
Chair(s) Liza C. Wu (USA), Suk Joon Oh (Korea)
01Reconstructive Supermicrosurgery   ( JSRM International Traveling Fellows Paper )
Takumi Yamamoto (Japan)
02 The Clinical Classification and Salvage of the Congestion or Stasis Compromised Free Perforator Flaps
Jia-Dong Pan (China), Wang Xin (China)
03 Monitoring Intraparenchymatous Venous Pressure in Transferred Tissue Improves the Salvage Rate after Microvascular Complications.
Hajime Matsumine (Japan), Osamu Fujiwara (Japan), Hiroshi Ito (Japan), Hiroyuki Sakurai (Japan)
04 Persistant Pain, Lymphedema and Other Factors Following Autologous Breast Reconstruction
Christian Bonde (Denmark), Jens Hoejvig (Denmark), Niels Kroman (Denmark), Signe Thorup (Denmark), Kenneth Andersen (Denmark)
05 Clinical and Pathologic Analysis of Risk Factors of The Patency of the Descending Branch of the Lateral Circumflex Femoral Artery
JeYeon Byeon (Korea), HwanJun Choi (Korea), JunHyuk Kim (Korea)
06 Microvascular Free Flap Reconstruction in Burn Injuries
Suk Joon Oh (Korea)
07 The Versatility of the Geometric End-to-side Microvascular Anastomosis
Seng Huan Adrian Ooi (Singapore), Lawrence J Gottlieb (USA)
08 A Comparison of Anterolateral Thigh, Radial Forearm, and Peroneal Artery Flap Thickness in Asian Patients
Ying-Sheng Lin (Taiwan), Kuei-Chang Hsu (Taiwan)
09 Free Tissue Transfer Outcomes in Lower Limb Reconstruction at a UK Major Trauma Centre
Dorian Martin Hargreave Hobday (UK), Edmund Fitzgerald O Connor (UK), Asmat Din (UK), Victoria Rose (UK), Paul Harnett (UK)
F02 Breast 1
Date & Time June 15 (Thu)
16:30 - 17:50
Room GBR 102 Track Breast/Trunk
Chair(s) Maria Mani (Sweden), Tai Suk Roh (Korea)
01Breast Augmentation/Reconstruction with Low Lateral Approach Using DIEP
Olivia A. Ho (Taiwan), Yi-Ling Lin (Taiwan), David C.F. Cheong (Taiwan), Ming-Huei Cheng (Taiwan)
02 Bilateral Abdominally Based Free Flap Breast Reconstruction with Focus on Patients with Prior Abdominal Scars
Dmytro Unukovych (USA), EJ Caterson (USA), Matthew J. Carty (USA), Jessica Erdmann-Sager (USA), Eric Halvorson (USA), Stephanie A. Caterson (USA)
03 4-Flap Breast Reconstruction with Bilateral DIEP and PAP Flaps: When Is It Indicated and Incorporated in One’s Practice?
Nicholas T. Haddock (USA), Samar Kayfan (USA), Sumeet S. Teotia (USA)
04 Autologous Breast Reconstruction Using Lumbar Artery Perforator Flaps
Akhil K. Seth (USA), David T. Greenspun (USA)
05 The Lumbar Artery Perforator Flap in Autologous Breast Reconstruction: Experience after 90 Cases.
Dries Opsomer (Belgium), Filip Stillaert (Belgium), Koenraad Van Landuyt (Belgium), Phillip Blondeel (Belgium)
06 Can DIEP Breast Reconstruction Be Safely Offered to Obese Patients? A Single-Surgeon Series.
Rieka Taghizadeh (UK), Whitney Chow (UK), Margarita Moustaki (UK)
07 Breast Reconstruction Modality Can Affect Development of Lymphedema
Kyeong-Tae Lee (Korea), Sa Ik Bang (Korea), Jai-Kyong Pyon (Korea), Ji Hye Hwang (Korea), Goo-Hyun Mun (Korea)
08 Bilateral Autologous Breast Reconstruction with Extended, Conjoined Deep Inferior Epigastric Perforator (DIEP) Flaps
Akhil K. Seth (USA), Heather A. Erhard (USA), David T. Greenspun (USA)
09 Radiation Therapy and Immediate Breast Reconstruction with Free Flap, Evaluation of Quality of Life, and Outcomes
Luis Parra (Spain), Steffano Marcelli (Italy), Jesus Gonzalez (Spain), Manuel Robustillo (Spain), Javier Palazon (Spain), Daniel Grandes (Spain), Antonio Diaz (Spain)
10 Breast Reconstruction Using the Lumbar Artery Perforator Flap: Secondary Corrections.
Dries Opsomer (Belgium), Filip Stillaert (Belgium), Phillip Blondeel (Belgium), Koenraad Van Landuyt (Belgium)
F03 Lower Extremity 1
Date & Time June 15 (Thu)
14:00 - 15:10
Room GBR 103 Track Lower Extremity
Chair(s) Christopher Attinger (USA), Jun-Mo Lee (Korea)
01A 3-D Vascular Anatomical Study of Femoral Neck Fractures in Adults
Dewei Zhao (China), Xing Qiu (China), Benjie Wang (China)
02 Degree of Arterial Injury Correlates with Free Flap Outcomes for Gustilo III Open Tibia Fracture Reconstructions
John Stranix (USA), Z-Hye Lee (USA), Lavinia Anzai (USA), Adam Jacoby (USA), Pierre Saadeh (USA), Jamie Levine (USA), Vishal Thanik (USA)
03 The Medial Femoral Condyle Free Corticoperiosteal Flap versus Traditional Bone Graft for Treatment of Nonunions of Long Bones: A Comparative Cohort Study.
Davide Ciclamini (Italy), Bruno Battiston (Italy), Pierluigi Tos (Italy), Paolo Titolo (Italy), Bernardino Panero (Italy)
04 Intramuscular Skin Paddle Pull-through Technique for Perforator Flap Harvest in the Lower Limb
Adhish Basu (India)
05 Choosing and Pre Planning of Perforator Flaps for Lower Extremity Reconstruction (CT-angiography and Dynamic Thermography).
Pavlo Badiul (Ukraine), Sergii Sliesarenko (Ukraine), Nataliya Cherednichenko (Ukraine)
06 Results and Complications of Heel Recontruction with Free Flap
Nuh Evin (Turkey), Osman Akdağ (Turkey), Mehtap Karamese (Turkey), Zekeriya Tosun (Turkey)
07 Aggressive Limb Salvage in the Vasculopath: Thinning Flaps Does Not Affect Functional Recovery
Mathew L. Iorio (USA), Shawn Diamond (USA), Akhil K Seth (USA), Anmol S. Chattha (USA), Parisa Kamali (USA), Samuel J. Lin (USA)
08 The Application of Freestyle Perforator Propeller Flap in Lower Leg
Haoliang Hu (China)
09 A Compartive Study of Selective CT Arteriography versus Non-selective CT Angiography of the Lateral Circumflex Femoral Artery on Three-dimensional Display of Perforators in Anterolateral Thigh Perforator Flap
Jiqiang He (China), Juyu Tang (China), Liming Qing (China), Wenzheng Li (China), Xiaoping Yi (China), Zhengbing Zhou (China), Panfeng Wu (China), Fang Yu (China), Zheming Cao (China)
10 Weight-Bearing Plantar Reconstruction Using a Medial Plantar Flap Vascularized by the Reverse Flow Lateral Plantar Artery
Kaoru Sasaki (Japan), Yoichiro Shibuya (Japan), Masahiro Sasaki (Japan), Yuki Fujita (Japan), Yukiko Aihara (Japan), Mitsuru Sekido (Japan)
11 Evolution of Microsurgical Flap Reconstruction of Foot Defects in Pediatrics in Egypt from Muscle Flaps to Perforator Flaps
Yehia Zakaria Abuelezz (Egypt), Qutaibah AlKandari (Kuwait)
F04 Head and Neck 1
Date & Time June 15 (Thu)
14:00 - 15:10
Room GBR 104 Track Head and Neck
Chair(s) Tahsin Oguz Acarturk (USA)
01Safer Management of Mediastinal Tracheostomy Using Extended Jejunal Flap with Multiple Vessel Anastomoses   ( JSRM International Traveling Fellows Paper )
Tateki Kubo (Japan), Tomoyuki Kurita (Japan), Hiroki Tashima (Japan), Ko Hosokawa (Japan)
02 Application of 3D Printing Technology in Oral & Maxillofacial Reconstruction
Lei Zhang (China), Xiaofeng Shan (China), Jie Liang (China), Yang He (China), Yi Zhang (China), Zhigang Cai (China)
03 Free Tissue Transfers for Head and Neck Cancer Patients with End-Stage Renal Disease on Dialysis: Analysis of Outcomes using the Taiwan’s National Health Insurance Research Database
Oscar Javier Manrique Mogollon (USA), Pedro Ciudad (Taiwan), Jorys Marinez-Jorge (USA), Steven Moran (USA), Samir Mardini (USA), Hung-Chi Chen (Taiwan), Hsu-Tan Cheng (Taiwan)
04 Novel Innovation of Voice Reconstruction with Fasciocutaneous Free Flap for Segmental Hypopharyngeal Defect: Indications and Outcome Assessment
Yun-Huan Hsieh (Taiwan), Chung-Kan Tsao (Taiwan)
05 A Comparison of Large Soft Palate Defect Reconstruction Using Tunnel Structure and Port Structure Methods
Atsumori Hamahata (Japan), Hiroyuki Sakurai (Japan)
06 Cad-cam Planning in Oncological Head and Neck Reconstruction with 25 Fibular Free Flaps : Pearls and Pitfalls .
Giovanni Esteban Montealegre Gomez (Colombia)
07 Analysis of Mandibular Reconstruction Using Vascularized Fibular Grafts
Keiichiro Maniwa (Japan), Ryoko Uesato (Japan), Yoshimitsu Hayashi (Japan), Hiroshi Nakagawa (Japan), Wataru Kobayashi (Japan), Yasuyuki Ishibashi (Japan), Satoshi Toh (Japan)
08 Maxilla Reconstruction with Deep Circumflex Iliac Artery Composite Flap
Amresh Baliarsing (India), Nikhil Agarkhedkar (India), Sachin Verma (India), Chetan Satish (India), Ibohal Singh (India), Nilesh Satbhai (India)
09 Complications in Perforator Based Free Flap Reconstruction in Head And Neck - Evaluating Results in a New Surgical Unit
Gautam Biswas (India), Nishikant Tripathy (India)
F05 Hand and Upper Extremity 1
Date & Time June 15 (Thu)
14:00 - 15:10
Room GBR 105 Track Hand and Upper Extremity
Chair(s) Jong Ick Whang (Korea)
01Vascularized Original Medial Femoral Condyle Flap for Finger Joint Reconstruction   ( JSRM International Traveling Fellows Paper )
Hiroki Hachisuka (Japan)
02 Reconstruction Both of the Degloving Multi-digits Defect and Foot Donor Site Using Toes Transfer and Free Perforator Flaps at the Same Stage
Xin Wang (China)
03 Functional Outcome of Double Level Replantation of Upper Limb
Balaji Gopalakrishnan (India), Sathish Devadoss (India)
04 The Using of Perforator-based Neurocutaneous Flaps for Soft-tissue Reconstruction in Hands and Wrists
Shengdi Lu (China)
05 Toe Pulp Free Flap for Child ; Excellent Treatment Option for Fingertip Reconstruction
Seung Jun Jwa (Korea), Dong Chul Lee (Korea), Jin Soo Kim (Korea), Si Young Roh (Korea), Kyung Jin Lee (Korea)
06 Evaluation of the Results of Complex Fingertip Reconstructions Using Bone Graft and an Axial Flap Based on Proper Palmar Digital Artery and Nerve
Marek Molski (Poland), Maria Molska (Poland)
07 An Outcomes Study of Microvascular Replantation in 1013 Multi-level Complete Traumatic Finger Amputations - A Tertiary Trauma Center Experience
Yi-Chun Huang (Taiwan), Shih-Hsian Mao (Taiwan), Charles Loh (Taiwan), Cheng-Hung Lin (Taiwan), Yu-Te Lin (Taiwan), Chung-Chen Hsu (Taiwan)
08 First Dorsal Metacarpal Artery Perforator Flap – the “Comet” Flap
Daniel Alvaro Alvarez Lazo (Brazil), Salomão Chade Assan Zatiti (Brazil), Daniel Mamere Alvarez (Brazil), Alex Boso (Brazil), Marco Marevitch (USA)
F06 Nerve and Brachial Plexus 1
Date & Time June 15 (Thu)
14:00 - 15:10
Room 203 Track Nerve
Chair(s) Sang Soo Kim (Korea)
01Contralateral C7 Transfer via Both Vascularized Ulnar Nerve and Medial Antebrachial Cutaneous Nerve with the Ulnar Artery Anastomosed to the Arteria Transversa Colli to Repair Brachial Plexus Avulsion: A Preliminary Report
Shulin Li (China), Lei Xu (China)
02 Comparison of Proximal and Distal Neurotization for Acute Brachial Plexus Injuries Based on Functional Restoration of Elbow
Nai-Jen Tommy Chang (Taiwan), Ching-Hsuan Hu (Taiwan), Mark Shafarenko (Canada), Eric Kar-Wai Liu (Taiwan), Johnny Chuieng-Yi Lu (Taiwan), David Chwei-Chin Chuang (Taiwan)
03 Results of Phrenic Nerve Neurotization Technique in Adult Traumatic Brachial Plexus Injuries
Usama Farghaly Omar (Egypt)
04 Anterior Transposition of the Ulnar Nerve at the Elbow. The Aanatomical Roof.
Joseph Youssef Bakhach (Lebanon), Hamed Janom (Lebanon), Reem Karameh (Lebanon), Dimitri Bakhach (Lebanon)
05 Contralateral C7 Transfer via the Prespinal and Retropharyngeal Route to Repair Brachial Plexus Root Avulsion
Lei Xu (China), Yudong Gu (China)
06 Ulnar and Median Fascicular Nerve Transfers for Elbow Flexion in Partial Brachial Plexus Palsy – What Have We Learnt about Outcomes in This Heterogeneous Group?
Scott Ferris (Australia)
07 Early Management of Brachial Plexus Blast and Penetrating Injuries
Joseph Youssef Bakhach (Lebanon), Fadl Chahine (Lebanon), Dimitri Bakhach (Lebanon), Reem Karameh (Lebanon), Hamed Janom (Lebanon)
08 The Most Optimal Reconstructive Strategy for Total Root Avulsion (TRA) of The Brachial Plexus Injury - A 30 Year Experience with over 2000 Cases of Brachial Plexus Reconstruction at Chang Gung
David Chwei-Chin Chuang (Taiwan), Tommy Nai-Jen Chang (Taiwan), Johnny Chuieng-Yi Lu (Taiwan)
09 Obturator Nerve Transfer for Femoral Nerve Reconstruction: Clinical Experiences from Huashan Hospital
Lei Xu (China), Yudong Gu (China)
10 Defining the Reliability and Role of Functioning Free Gracilis Muscle Transfer in Comparison to Vascularised Ulnar Nerve Grafting in the Restoration of Elbow Flexion in Complete Brachial Plexus Palsy
Shirley Potter (Australia), Scott Ferris (Australia)
11 Late Nerve Transfer in Obstetrical Brachial Plexus Palsy
Abraham Zavala (Peru), Wieslawa De Pawlikowski (Peru)
F07 Basic Research 1
Date & Time June 15 (Thu)
14:00 - 15:10
Room 208 Track General
Chair(s) Yur-Ren Kuo (Taiwan), Kun Hwang (Korea)
01Porcine Model for Breast Reconstruction Using Double-Pedicle Abdominal Perforator Free Flap
Tanya Emanuela Avram (Romania), Botond Janko (Romania), Ileana-Rodica Matei (Romania), Filip Ardelean (Romania), Alexandru D.V. Georgescu (Romania)
02 Comparative Study on Microvascular Anastomosis Using Suturing, Couplers,Staplers and Lasers
Senthilmurugan Mullainathan (India)
03 Steal Phenomenon in Nerve Transfer: An Experimental Rat Study
Johnny Chuieng-Yi Lu (Taiwan), Aleksandra McGrath (Sweden), John Tzou (Austria), Frank Fang (Taiwan), Tommy Nai-Jen Chang (Taiwan), David Chwei-Chin Chuang (Taiwan)
04 The Mechanical Environment Modulates Lymphatic Tube Formation in Vitro
Gene Lee (USA), David Perrault (USA), Yi-Chen Wu (USA), Josephine Fang (USA), Sun Young Park (USA), Bo Han (USA), Young Hong (USA), Alex Wong (USA)
05 The Effect of Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Sildenafil on Flap Viability in Perforator-Based Flaps for Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury: An Experimental Study
Osman Kelahmetoglu (Turkey), Rukiye Demir (Turkey), Gulsen Okten (Turkey), Ahmet Demir (Turkey), Ferda Alpaslan Pinarlı (Turkey), Emine Dıraman (Turkey)
06 Platelet Rich Plasma Enhance the Angiogenesis of Adipose-Derived Stem Cells in Ischemic Hind Limb Model
Chia-fang Chen (Taiwan), Han-Tsung Liao (Taiwan)
07 Axially Vascularized Tissue Engineered Bone Constructs Retain Their In-Vivo Angiogenic and Osteogenic Capacity after High Dose Irradiation
Ahmad Eweida (Germany), Oliver Frisch (Germany), Frank Giordano (Germany), Jens Fleckenstein (Germany), Frederik Wenz (Germany), Marc Brockmann (Germany), Matthias Schulte (Germany), Volker Schmidt (Germany), Ulrich Kneser (Germany), Leila Harhaus (Germany)
08 Re-innervation Pattern of Subgroups of Specific Sensory Nerve Fibers of the Skin after a Vein-Muscle Graft Reconstruction Supported with BMSCs in a Rat Model
Tim Hendrik Jan Nijhuis (Netherlands), Liron Duraku (Netherlands), Caroline Hundepool (Netherlands), Johan Van Neck (Netherlands), Tom Ruigrok (Netherlands), Steven Hovius (Netherlands), Erik Walbeehm (Netherlands)
F08 General 2
Date & Time June 15 (Thu)
15:10 - 16:20
Room GBR 101 Track General
Chair(s) Yixin Zhang (China), Youngcheon Na (Korea)
01Microscope-assisted Hepatic Artery Reconstructionin Adult Living Donor Liver Transplantation - A Review of 325 Consecutive Cases in a Single Center
Ahmet Hamdi Sakarya (Taiwan), Johnny Chuieng-Yi Lu (Taiwan), Chen Fang Lee (Taiwan), Ahmed Zidan (Egypt), Chung Kan Tsao (Taiwan), Tommy Nai Jen Chang (Taiwan), Jung Ju Huang (Taiwan), Jerry Wu (Taiwan), Ming Huei Cheng (Taiwan), Wei-Chen Lee (Taiwan)
02 Sutureless Microvascular Anastomosis Assisted by an Expandable Shape-Memory Alloy Stent
Noriko Saegusa (Japan), Keita Inoue (Japan), Masahiro Nakagawa (Japan)
03 5,000 Microsurgical Free Flaps at a Single Institution: Evaluating Free Flap Salvage Predictors and Take-Backs Following Microvascular Compromise
Jason M. Weissler (USA), Martin J. Carney (USA), Michael G. Tecce (USA), Jason W. Yu (USA), Joshua Fosnot (USA), Suhail K. Kanchwala (USA), David W. Low (USA), Stephen Kovach (USA), Liza C. Wu (USA), Joseph M. Serletti (USA)
04 More Than Just The Helix:  A Series of Free Flaps From The Ear
Andrew Lindford (Finland), Ian Barner-Rasmussen (Finland), Patrik Lassus (Finland)
05 Postoperative Bleeding in Microvascular Reconstruction of the Head and Neck
Yi-Fan Chen (Taiwan), Dun-Hao Chang (Taiwan)
06 Hepatic Artery Anastomosis in Living Donor Liver Transplantation from Microsurgeon’s Point of View
Dragos Zamfirescu (Romania), V. Brasoveanu (Romania), Anca Bordianu (Romania), A. Stoian (Romania), I. Lascar (Romania), I. Popescu (Romania)
07 The Development and Application of a New Postoperative Flap Observation Standard
Lingli Peng (China), Pan She (China), Nvtong Huang (China), Jiaqi Yang (China), Juyu Tang (China), Panfeng Wu (China)
08 Visualization of Angiosomes by Fluorescence Angiography - A Feasibility Study
Johannes Steinbacher (Austria), Hidehiko Yoshimatsu (Japan), Stefan Meng (Austria), Ulrike Hamscha (Austria), Christine Radtke (Austria), Wolfgang J. Weninger (Austria), Chieh-Tsai Wu (Taiwan), Ming-Huei Cheng (Taiwan), Chieh-Han J. Tzou (Austria)
09 The Extended Combined Latissimus Dorsi/Serratus Anterior Local Free Flap for Coverage of the Difficult Posterior Thoracic Defect
Geoffrey Hallock (USA)
10 The Volume of Postoperative Fluid for End-Stage Renal Disease Patients Who Had Successful Free Flap Surgery
Donghyeok Shin (Korea), Jaemin Choi (Korea)
F09 Breast 2
Date & Time June 15 (Thu)
15:10 - 16:20
Room GBR 102 Track Breast/Trunk
Chair(s) Edward Buchel (Canada), Chan Yeong Heo (Korea)
01The Pedicled LICAP Flap Combined with a Free Abdominal Flap to Optimize Autologous Breast Reconstructions
Thomas Sjoberg (Norway), Louis de Weerd (Norway)
02 Angiotensin Receptor Blockers Contraindicated in DIEP Flap Breast Reconstruction
Jin-Woo Park (Korea), Goo-Hyun Mun (Korea)
03 A Single Large Breast Reconstruction Using the Bilateral Inferior Gluteal Artery Perfortor (I-GAP) Flaps
Shihoko Saji (Japan), Toshihiko Satake (Japan), Mayu Muto (Japan)
04 Vertical Skin Paddle Gracilis Myocutaneous Flap for Breast Reconstruction – Better Alternative in Patients with Lesser Thigh Circumference, 15 Cases
Dushyant Jaiswal (India)
05 Neo-Adjuvant Radiotherapy: Changing the Treatment Sequence to Allow Immediate Free Autologous Breast Reconstruction
Kimberley Hughes (Australia), Derek Neoh (Australia)
06 Dual-pedicle Unaffected Split Breast Flap for Unitlateral Breast Reconstruction During Contralateral Horizontal Reduction Mammoplasty
Yuki Homma (Japan), Toshihiko Satake (Japan), Reiko Nakasone (Japan), Mayu Muto (Japan), Tomoyuki Koike (Japan), Mai Shibuya (Japan), Koichi Hirotomi (Japan), Jiro Maegawa (Japan)
07 "Extended" TDAP Flap in Breast Reconstruction
Raphael Sinna (France), Nizar Assaf (France), Mohammed Alharbi (France), Christian Herlin (France), Sandy Dast (France)
08 A Personal Experience of 130 Double-Pedicle DIEP/SIEA Flaps in 65 Patients: Ideal Indications in Unilateral Breast Reconstruction
Nicholas T. Haddock (USA), Samar Kayfan (USA), Sumeet S. Teotia (USA)
09 3D-Printed DIEP Perforator Template for Planning Autologous Breast Reconstruction: Case Series
Michael P Chae (Australia), Warren Rozen (Australia), David Hunter-Smith (Australia)
F10 Lower Extremity 2
Date & Time June 15 (Thu)
15:10 - 16:20
Room GBR 103 Track Lower Extremity
Chair(s) Chih-Hung Lin (Taiwan)
01Conjoined Vascularized Periosteal Transfer from the Medial Femoral Condyle and Structural Bone Graft from the Iliac Crest: the Way to Go in the Reconstruction of Small and Moderate Bone Gaps
Miguel Gómez Bravo (Spain), Manuel Rodríguez Vegas (Spain), Pablo Benito Duque (Spain)
02 Posterior Tibial Artery Perforator Flap as a Backup Procedure When the Medial Sural Artery Perforator Lacking Suitable Perforators
Jo-Chun Hsiao (Taiwan), Chih-Hung Lin (Taiwan), Chung-chen Hsu (Taiwan), Yu-Te Lin (Taiwan), Cheng-Hung Lin (Taiwan)
03 Suprafascial Flaps in the Lower Limb
Marie Kearns (UK), Elisabeth Zetlitz (UK), Jörg Dabernig (UK), John Scott (UK), Andrew Hart (UK)
04 Lateral Malleolar Area Reconstruction Using Free Flap
Dong Hoon Choi (Korea), Kyung Hyun Min (Korea), Hyun Suk Suh (Korea), Joon Pio Hong (Korea)
05 The Free Innervated Latissimus Dorsi Flap for Functional Reconstruction Following Soft-tissue Sarcoma Resection of the Posterior Compartment of the Thigh
Damien Grinsell (Australia), Zeeshan Ahmad (Australia)
06 Postoperative Complications, Surgical Results and Patient-Reported Outcomes of 239 Patients Following Free Flap Reconstruction of Severe Lower Extremity Injuries
Tim De Jong (Netherlands), Sabine Egeler (Netherlands), Teun Luijsterburg (Netherlands), Marc Mureau (Netherlands)
07 Open-book Splitting of a Distally Based Peroneus Brevis Muscle Flap to Cover Large Leg and Ankle Defects
Magdy Ahmed Abd Almoktader Abd alkarem (Egypt)
08 Flow-through Chimeric Anterolateral Thigh Perforator Flap for Reconstruction of Complex Lower Extremities Defects with Deep Dead Space
Wei Du (China), Juyu Tang (China)
09 Flap Selection for Soft Tissue Reconstruction of Open Tibial Fractures – an Evidence Based Approach.
James Kwok-Kwan Chan (UK), Graeme Glass (UK), Lorraine Harry (UK), Andrew Freidin (UK), Ana Espirito-Santo (UK), Marc Feldmann (UK), Nicole Horwood (UK), Jagdeep Nanchahal (UK)
10 Lower Extremity Reconstruction Using Free Flaps – A 5-year Experience
Miguel Pessoa Vaz (Portugal), Rita Meireles (Portugal), João Baltazar (Portugal), Carla Brandão (Portugal), Iris Brito (Portugal), Susana Pinheiro (Portugal), Sara Ramos (Portugal), Horácio Zenha (Portugal), Carla Diogo (Portugal), Jorge Lima (Portugal)
11 Secondary Refinement Procedures in 389 Patients with Successful Free Flap Lower Extremity Salvage
Dimitra Kotsougiani (Germany), Leila Harhaus (Germany), Juliana Platte (Germany), Bernd Hoener (Germany), Amir Bigdeli (Germany), Thomas Kremer (Germany), Ulrich Kneser (Germany)
F11 Head and Neck 2
Date & Time June 15 (Thu)
15:10 - 16:20
Room GBR 104 Track Head and Neck
Chair(s) Kyoung-moo Yang (Korea)
01A Comparison of Commissure Excursion Following Latissmus Dorsi Muscle Transfer for Facial Paralysis Using the Split Hypoglossal Nerve Versus a Cross Face Nerve Graft.
Tarek Amer (Egypt)
02 The Complex Allotransplantation of a Neck Structures
Adam Maciejewski (Poland), Lukasz Krakowczyk (Poland)
03 The Relationships of Comorbidities and Old Age with Postoperative Complications of Head and Neck Free Flaps
Kun Hwang (Korea)
04 Choice of Recipient Vessels for Nasal Ala Reconstruction Using Free Auricular Flap
Fumiaki Shimizu (Japan), Miyuki Yehara (Japan)
05 A Multi-disciplinary Team Approach to Supercharged Colonic Transposition Flaps for Oesophageal Reconstruction
Julia Christine Ruston (UK), Kallirroi Tzafetta (UK), Jonathan Philpott (UK), Naga Venkatesh Jayanthi (UK), Bruno Lorenzi (UK), Alexandros Charalampopoulos (UK), Fateh Ahmad (UK)
06 Increased Demand in Quaternary Sequential Flap Reconstructions for Head and Neck Cancer over a Decade: Etiology and Outcome Analysis
Tzong Yueh Tsai (Taiwan), Charles Yuen Yung Loh (Taiwan), Cheng Hung Lin (Taiwan), Chih-Hung Lin (Taiwan)
07 Vertical versus Horizontal Inset of Flap Leads to Early Rehabilitation Following Total Glossectomy and Radiation
Adhish Basu (India)
08 Functional Outcomes and Complications of Robot-assisted Free Flap Oropharyngeal Reconstruction
Chih-Sheng Lai (Taiwan)
09 Outcome Analysis for Re-reconstruction after Free Jejunal Flap Failure
Keisuke Takanari (Japan), Yuzuru Kamei (Japan), Katsumi Ebisawa (Japan), Masashi Hishida (Japan), Miki Kambe (Japan), Ryota Nakamura (Japan), Yutaka Nakamura (Japan)
10 Application of Phleboplasties Combined with Microvascular Anastomotic Device in Venous Anastomosis with Diameter Discrepancy in Head and Neck Defects Reconstruction
Canhua Jiang (China), Jie Chen (China), Ning Li (China), Xing Gao (China), Yazhou Liao (China), Xinchun Jian (China)
F12 Hand and Upper Extremity 2
Date & Time June 15 (Thu)
15:10 - 16:20
Room GBR 105 Track Hand and Upper Extremity
Chair(s) William Pederson (USA)
01The Use of the Corticoperiosteal Flap for Difficult Non-Unions of the Upper Limb
Andrea Garcia Villanueva (Spain), Ignacio Roger de Ona (Spain), Alexis Studer de Oya (Spain), Jose Ignacio Garcia Lopez (Spain), Fernando Garcia de Lucas (Spain)
02 Successful Replantation of the Fingers after Prolonged Cryopreservation with Longterm Followup: Report 2 Cases
Zeng Tao Wang (China), Lei Zhu (China), Wei Kou (China), Chun xia Wang (China), Yun Shen (China), Li hong Wang (China), You Liang (China), Wen hai Sun (China)
03 Evaluating Perioperative Complications of the Anterolateral Thigh Flap in Hand Defect Reconstruction: A Comparison with the Posterior Interosseous Artery Flap
Xu Gong (China), Zhen Min Jiang (China), Lai Jin Lu (China)
04 Free Vascularized Toe Joint Transfer to the Metacarpal phalangeal Joint: New Surgical Techniques to Improve the Functional Outcome
Marco Pappalardo (Italy), Yu-Te Lin (Taiwan)
05 The Use of a Vascularized Bone Graft from the Volar Distal Radius (Mathoulin method) in the Treatment of Scaphoid Nonunion
Naoko Masuyama (Japan), Koichi Kobayashi (Japan), Katsuyasu Fukasawa (Japan)
06 Prospective Study of Patient-reported Outcomes of Microvascular Toe-to-hand Transfer
Tzong-Yun Tsai (Taiwan), Jo-chun Shiao (Taiwan), Chung-Chen Hsu (Taiwan), Yu-Te Lin (Taiwan), Chih-Hung Lin (Taiwan), Fu-Chan Wei (Taiwan), Cheng-Hung Lin (Taiwan)
07 When Free Flaps Fail: Large Pedicled Flaps for Upper Extremity Reconstruction a Military, Academic and Community Perspective
Joseph Meyerson (USA), Tony Logli (USA), Brian Bear (USA), Ian Valerio (USA)
08 Survival Rate According to Arterial & Venous Anamstomosis in Tamai Zone 1 Replantation
Deok Hyeon Ryu (Korea), Si Young Roh (Korea), Jin Soo Kim (Korea), Dong Chul Lee (Korea), Kyung Jin Lee (Korea)
09 Free Vascularized Iliac Bone Flap Using SCIP(superficial circumflex iliac artery perforator)
Mitsunobu Harima (Japan), Ryo Karakawa (Japan), Shuhei Yoshida (Japan), Isao Koshima (Japan)
10 Aesthetic and Functional Outcome of Thinned Anterolateral Thigh Flap in Reconstruction of Complex Wounds of Upper Limb
Mohamed Ahmed Ellabban (Egypt), Amr A. Gomah (Egypt), Osama A. Adly (Egypt), Mohamed A. Elbadawy (Egypt), Amr M. Moghazy (Egypt)
11 Survival Analysis of the Replantation for Amputation of Upper Arm
Xiaolong Du (China), Xuehai Ou (China), Tao Song (China)
F13 Nerve and Brachial Plexus 2
Date & Time June 15 (Thu)
15:10 - 16:20
Room 203 Track Nerve
Chair(s) Jae Kwang Kim (Korea)
01The Clinic Research of Non-invasive Detection Method of the Early Regeneration after Nerve Repair
Dong Han (China), Lei Xu (China), Jianguang Xu (China)
02 Isolated Posterior Cord Brachial Plexus Injuries: Spotlight on the Merits of Proximal Exploration for Diagnosis and Intervention.
Frank Fang (USA), David Chwei-Chin Chuang (Taiwan)
03 Pain in Infants with Obstetrical Brachial Plexus Palsy Following Primary Microsurgical Reconstruction
Kristen Davidge (Canada), Wan Jin Lee (Canada), Emily Ho (Canada), Derek Stevens (Canada), Howard M. Clarke (Canada)
04 Delayed Selective Neurotization for Restoration of Elbow and Hand Functions in Late Presenting Obstetrical Brachial Plexus Palsy
Mohamed Kotb (Egypt)
05 Functional Outcomes for Traumatic and Non-traumatic Posterior Interosseous Nerve Injuries after Surgical Intervention
Hsuan-Yu Chou (Taiwan), Chew Wei Chong (Taiwan), Johnny Chuieng-Yi Lu (Taiwan), Tommy Nai - Jen Chang (Taiwan), David Chwei-Chin Chuang (Taiwan)
06 Pain in Children Following Microsurgical Reconstruction for Obstetrical Brachial Plexus Palsy
Emily Ho (Canada), Christine Curtis (Canada), Howard M. Clarke (Canada)
07 Is Pseudomeningocele an Absolute Sign of Root Avulsion Brachial Plexus Injury?
Panai Laohaprasitiporn (Thailand), Saichol Wongtrakul (Thailand), Torpon Vathana (Thailand), Roongsak Limthongthang (Thailand), Panupan Songcharoen (Thailand)
08 Anterior Approach in Triceps Motor Branch to Axillary Nerve in Upper Brachial Plexus Injuries: Technical Consideration and Outcomes
Hari Venkatramani (India), Praveen Bhardwaj (India), Raja Sabapathy Shanmuganathan (India)
09 Early Nerve Surgery in Adult Brachial Plexus Traction Injuries – Why Wait ?
Willem Pondaag (Netherlands), Martijn Malessy (Netherlands)
F14 Basic Research 2
Date & Time June 15 (Thu)
15:10 - 16:20
Room 208 Track General
Chair(s) Rei Ogawa (Japan)
01A Novel Robotic Platform for Robot-Assisted Microsurgery
Raimondo Cau (Netherlands), Tom Van Mulken (Netherlands), Ferry Schoenmakers (Netherlands), Rene Van Der Hulst (Netherlands), Jorn Bosmans (Netherlands), Juliette Hommes (Netherlands)
02 Can Nerve Accompanying Vessels Used for Free Flap Transfer?
Yimin Chai (China)
03 Ginkgo Biloba Extract (EGb 761) Promotes Nerve Regeneration and Neovascularization of Acellular Nerve Allografts in a Rat Model.
Zhaowei Zhu (China), Xiang Zhou (China), Bo He (China), Xinhua He (China), Canbin Zheng (China), Chuan Yang (China), Shuang Zhu (China), Jiakai Zhu (China), Qingtang Zhu (China), Xiaolin Liu (China)
04 Enhancement of Bone Regeneration with the Accordion Technique via HIF-1α/VEGF Activation in a Rat Distraction Osteogenesis Model
Jia Xu (China), Gang Li (Hong Kong)
05 Microvesicles Participating in Intercellular Communication: Potential Novel Therapeutic Strategy to Reduce Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury in Free Flaps
Alberto Ballestin (Spain), Elena Abellan (Spain), Javier Vela (Spain), Veronica Alvarez (Spain), Rebeca Blazquez (Spain), Javier G. Casado (Spain), Francisco Miguel Sanchez-Margallo (Spain)
06 Split-nerve Procedure on Reinnervated Split-muscle: Feasibility Study for Diverse Myolectric Signals in Amputee
Maria Florencia Deslivia (Indonesia), Hyun-joo Lee (Korea), Rizki Fajar Zulkarnain (Indonesia), Bin Zhu (China), Arnold Adikrishna (Indonesia), In-ho Jeon (Korea), Keehoon Kim (Korea)
07 Cutaneous Perforators of the Arm and Anatomic Landmarks for Defining the Flap Donor Sites
Burak Kaya (Turkey), Feigl Georg (Austria), Serdar Mehmet Gultan (Turkey), Nihal Apaydin (Turkey)
08 Human Fetal Mesenchymal Stem Cell Secretome Enhances Bone Consolidation in Distraction Osteogenesis
Jia Xu (China), Gang Li (Hong Kong)
09 Surgeon-Based 3-D Printing for Vascularized Bone Transfers
Erin Taylor (USA), Mathew L. Iorio (USA)
F15 Lymphatic Surgery 1
Date & Time June 16 (Fri)
13:40 - 14:50
Room GBR 101 Track Lymphedema
Chair(s) Fumio Ohnishi (Japan), Sung Won Jung (Korea)
01Comparing Outcomes between Vascularized Lymph Node Transfer and Lymphovenous Anastomosis in the Treatment of Primary Lymphedema
Charles Yuen Yung Loh (Taiwan), Chia Yu Lin (Taiwan), Ming-Huei Cheng (Taiwan)
02 Lymphofasciocutaneous Lateral Thoracic Flap: Anatomic Study and Clinical Application
Guilherme Cardinali Barreiro (Brazil)
03 Non-invasive Screening Test for Detecting Early-stage Lymphedema Using Follow-up Computed Tomography Imaging after Cancer Treatment
Shinsuke Akita (Japan), Yoshihisa Yamaji (Japan), Nobuyuki Mitsukawa (Japan)
04 Lymphedema and Concomitant Vascular Lesions in the Extremity: Comprehensive Evaluation, Management Strategy, and Outcomes
Neil Suresh Sachanandani (Taiwan), Sung-Yu Chu (Taiwan), Olivia A. Ho (Taiwan), Chon Fok Cheong (Taiwan), Miffy Chia-Yu Lin (Taiwan), Ming-Huei Cheng (Taiwan)
05 Surgical Anatomy of the Vascularized Submental Lymph Node Flap
Chieh-Han John Tzou (Austria), Stefan Meng (Austria), Ines Tinhofer (Austria), Johannes Steinbacher (Austria), Julia Roka-Palkovits (Austria), Lukas Reissig (Austria), Wolfgang J. Weninger (Austria), Thomas Rath (Austria), Ming-Huei Cheng (Taiwan)
06 The Groin versus Submental Vascularized Lymph Node Flaps: A Head-to-Head Comparison of Surgical Outcomes Following Treatment for Upper Limb Lymphedema
Olivia A. Ho (Taiwan), Ming-Huei Cheng (Taiwan)
07 The Modified Superior-Edge-of-the-Knee-Incision Method: Lympho-to-venous Bypass for Progressive Lower Extremity Lymphedema with Severe Lymphatic Sclerosis
Yukio Seki (Japan), Akiyoshi Kajikawa (Japan), Takumi Yamamoto (Japan), Takayuki Takeuchi (Japan), Takahiro Terashima (Japan), Norimitsu Kurogi (Japan)
08 Anatomy of the Lymphatic System around the Gastroepiploic Vessels: Focus on the Treatment of Lymphedema
Yamaji Yoshihisa (Japan)
09 Modifications of Laparoscopic Dual Omental Lymph Node Flaps for Lymphedema Management
Chen-Hsiang Kuan (Taiwan), Nai-Chen Cheng (Taiwan), Jung-Hsien Hsieh (Taiwan), Shyr-Yih Horng (Taiwan), Hao-Chih Tai (Taiwan)
10 Vascularized Lymph Node Transfer and Modified Charles Procedure for Advanced Lower Limb Lymphedema
Pedro Ciudad (Taiwan), Fabio Nicoli (Taiwan), Kidakorn Kiranantawat (Thailand), Shivprasad Date (Taiwan), Wei-Ling Chang (Taiwan), Michele Maruccia (Taiwan), Hung-Chi Chen (Taiwan)
11 The Recipient Venule in Supermicrosurgical Lymphaticovenular Anastomosis: Introducing Dynamic Classification and Selection Rationale based on Multicentric, Retrospective Outcome Analysis of 102 Consecutive Cases.
Giuseppe Visconti (Italy), Marzia Salgarello (Italy), Akitatsu Hayashi (Japan)
12 Analysis of the Outcome of Lymphovenous Anastomosis Using Lymphoscintigraphy and SPECT-CT -New Classification of Lower-Limb Lymphedema-
Yoshihiro Noda (Japan), Takeshi Iimura (Japan), Takuya Tsuge (Japan), Yoshimitsu Fukushima (Japan), Shinichiro Kumita (Japan), Rei Ogawa (Japan)
F16 Breast 3
Date & Time June 16 (Fri)
13:40 - 14:50
Room GBR 102 Track Breast/Trunk
Chair(s) Maria Mani (Sweden), Hak Chang (Korea)
01Sensation of the Different Potential Donor Sites for Autologous Breast Reconstruction
Anouk Cornelissen (Netherlands), Rene Van Der Hulst (Netherlands), Darren Booi (Netherlands), Andrzej Piatkowski (Netherlands), Aldona Spiegel (USA), Stefania Tuinder (Netherlands)
02 Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (Eras) in DIEP Flap Breast Reconstruction
Jordi Vila-Poyatos (Spain), Victor Cabrera-Mas (Spain), David Priego-Carrillo (Spain), Paloma Malagón-López (Spain), Lia Huesa-Barceló (Spain), Cristian Carrasco-López (Spain), Oihane Garcia Senosiain (Spain), Carmen Higueras-Suñé (Spain)
03 Surgeons’ Options for Delay Breast Reconstruction: An Online-based Worldwide Questionnaire Survey among 402 Microsurgeons’ Decisions
Cheng-Feng Chu (Taiwan), Tommy Nai-Jen Chang (Taiwan), Angela Ting-Wei Hsu (Taiwan), Soo-Ha Kwon (Taiwan), Che-Hsiung Lee (Taiwan), William Lao (Taiwan), Chung-Chen Hsu (Taiwan), ShanShan Qiu (Netherlands), Daniel Tilkorn (Germany), Jung-Ju Huang (Taiwan)
04 New Surgical Technique - Simultaneous Use of the 3rd and 2nd Intercostal Spaces During Total-rib Preservation Exposure of the Internal Mammary Vessels in Microvascular Breast Reconstruction
Georgette Oni (UK), Margaret Huang (UK), Charles Malata (UK)
05 Delayed Radiotherapy 6 Months after Post-mastectomy Immediate DIEP Flap Reconstruction Reduces the Rate of Revision Surgery for Fat Necrosis
Anna López Ojeda (Spain), Pau Tarrús Bozal (Spain), Francesca Grussu (Italy), Ana López Fernández (Spain), Mike Dewever (Spain), Diana Pérez Sidelnikova (Spain), Josep Maria Serra Payró (Spain), Joan Maria Viñals (Spain)
06 Anterior Intercostal Artery Perforator Flap in Immediate Breast Reconstruction: Preoperative Planning, Surgical Technique and Health-related Quality of Life after Reconstruction
Cristian Carrasco (Spain), Carmen Higueras (Spain), Jordi Vila-Poyatos (Spain), David Priego (Spain), Victor Cabrera (Spain), Paloma Malagon (Spain), Lia Huerta (Spain)
07 Drainage Route of Subcutaneous Venous Blood in the Transferred Lower Abdominal Free Flap
Hiroyuki Sakurai (Japan)
08 Restoring Breast Sensation Following Autologous Breast Reconstruction: Should Nerve Coaptation Be Routine?
Peter F. Koltz (USA), Jason M. Weissler (USA), Martin J. Carney (USA), Jason W. Yu (USA), Stephen Kovach (USA), Alexander Au (USA), Joshua Fosnot (USA), Suhail K. Kanchwala (USA), Joseph M. Serletti (USA), Liza C. Wu (USA)
09 Breast Reconstruction: How to Choose the Reconstruction Strategy, a Lesson from European School of Microsurgery
Vincenzo Vindigni (Italy), Carlotta Scarpa (Italy), Tito Brambullo (Italy), Franco Bassetto (Italy)
10 Effect of Vascular Comorbidities on Internal Mammary Vessels
Julia Cook (USA), Sunil Tholpady (USA), Arash Momeni (USA), Sarah Sasor (USA), Michael Chu (USA)
11 Is Obesity a Predisposing Factor for Free Flap Failure and Complications? Comparison between Breast and Non-breast Reconstruction: Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
Jin Yong Shin (Korea), Mun-Young An (Korea), Si-Gyun Roh (Korea), Nae-Ho Lee (Korea), Kyung-Moo Yang (Korea)
12 Smoking Increases Donor Site Complications in Breast Reconstruction with DIEP Flap.
Stina Klasson (Sweden), Johan Nyman (Sweden), Henry Svensson (Sweden), Patrik Velander (Sweden)
13 Application of Indocyanine Green Angiography to Decrease Fat Necrosis in Breast Reconstruction with DIEP Flap
Paloma Malagon (Spain), Carmen Higueras (Spain), David Priego (Spain), Cristian Carrasco (Spain), Jordi Vila-Poyatos (Spain), Victor Cabrera (Spain), Lia Huesa (Spain)
14 Multivariate Predictors of Postmastectomy Radiation Therapy in Patients Planned for Immediate Breast Reconstruction
Albert H. Chao (USA), Juan Carlos Martinez (USA), Jessica Wobb (USA), Stephen P Povoski (USA)
15 Pedicled Transverse Rectus Abdominis Myocutaneous (TRAM) Flap-Based Hybrid Operation for Breast Reconstruction
Hin Lun Liu (Hong Kong)
16 Benefits of the 2-team approach to Microsurgical Breast Reconstructions
Dean Trotter (Australia), Eldon Mah (Australia), Derek Neoh (Australia)
F17 Lower Extremity 3
Date & Time June 16 (Fri)
13:40 - 14:50
Room GBR 103 Track Lower Extremity
Chair(s) Moustafa S.A Meky (Egypt), Young Ho Lee (Korea)
01Soft Tissue Coverage of Complex Periprosthetic Defects in Patients with Total Knee Arthroplasty: A Comparative Analysis of Factors That Influence Reconstructive and Functional Outcomes
James Economides (USA), Michael DeFazio (USA), Christopher Attinger (USA), Karen Evans (USA)
02 Free Vascularized Fibular Graft with LISS Plate for the Bone Defects of the Femur after Tumor Resection
Young Ho Lee (Korea), Jihyeung Kim (Korea), Ki Ho Lee (Korea), Seung Hoo Lee (Korea), Jin Woo Park (Korea), Kahyun Kim (Korea), Goo Hyun Baek (Korea)
03 Soft Tissue Reconstruction after Complicated Knee Replacement: Principles and Predictors of Knee Salvage
David Colen (USA), Tiffany Liu (USA), Michael Lanni (USA), Jason W. Yu (USA), Valeriy Shubinets (USA), Gwo Lee (USA), Stephen Kovach (USA)
04 Harvest of Suprafascial Anterolateral Thigh Flap by a More Minimal Invasive Method
Ning Li (China), Canhua Jiang (China), Fei Wang (China), Lijuan Zeng (China), Wen Liu (China), Feng Guo (China)
05 Free Vascularized Fibular Grafting in the Treatment of Osteonecrosis of Femoral Head
Kahraman Ozturk (Turkey), Ayse Sencan (Turkey), Mehmet Baydar (Turkey), Yakup Alpay (Turkey)
06 A Practical Way for Post-Traumatic Defects of Lower Leg and Ankle Region,Local Perforator Flaps
Alp Ercan (Turkey), Semih Baghaki (Turkey)
07 Reconstruction of Composite Leg Defects Post Blast Injury
Amir Ibrahim (Lebanon)
08 Evolution of Heel Reconstruction in Surgery Department, Kariadi Hospital, Semarang - Indonesia
Erythrina Permata Sari (Indonesia)
09 Postoncologic Bone Reconstruction by Combination of Inlay Vascularized Fibula Graft with Irradiated Bone Segment
Eyuphan Gencel (Turkey), Cengiz Eser (Turkey), Mehmet Ali Deveci (Turkey), Ibrahim Tabakan (Turkey), Erol Kesiktas (Turkey), Metin Yavuz (Turkey)
10 A Comparative Analysis of End-to-End vs. End-to-Side Anastomoses in Microsurgical Lower Extremity Reconstruction
Fares Samra (USA), Arash Momeni (USA), Cassandra Ligh (USA), Michael Tecce (USA), Marty Carney (USA), Andrew Bauder (USA), Jason Weissler (USA), Stephen Kovach (USA)
11 Pedicled Medial Plantar Artery Flap (Instep of Foot) in Non Weight-Bearing Areas of Lower Limb. Retrospective Study of 14 Consecutive Cases
Luciano Ruiz Torres (Brazil), Renata Paulos (Brazil), Luiz Sorrenti (Brazil), Hsiang Teng (Brazil), Marcos Leonhardt (Brazil), Rames Mattar Jr (Brazil), Aline Guimaraes (Brazil)
12 Examining the Use of Post-Debridement Cultures to Optimize Debridement and Improve Outcomes in Lower Extremity Reconstruction
Arjun Kanuri (USA), Michael Defazio (USA), Ersilia Anghel (USA), Anagha Kumar (USA), Evans Karen (USA), Chrisovalantis Lakhiani (USA), Attinger Christopher (USA)
13 Combined Use of Vascularized and Devitalized Bone Autograft for Reconstruction of Osteochondral Defect after Tumor Resection
Keiichi Muramatsu (Japan), Koichiro Ihara (Japan), Ryuta Iwanaga (Japan), Keitaro Umehara (Japan), Atsushi Mihara (Japan), Toshihiko Taguchi (Japan)
F18 Head and Neck 3
Date & Time June 16 (Fri)
13:40 - 14:50
Room GBR 104 Track Head and Neck
Chair(s) Sae Hwi Ki (Korea)
01Replacing Tears with Saliva: Hope for Patients with Severe Dry Eye Syndrome
Jiazeng Su (China), Zhigang Cai (China), Guangyan Yu (China), Lan Lv (China)
02 Factors Affecting Salvage Rate of Compromised Free Flaps in Head and Neck Reconstruction
Youngchul Kim (Korea), Wooshik Jeong (Korea), Tae Suk Oh (Korea), Kyung S. Koh (Korea), Jong Woo Choi (Korea)
03 Naso-Palatal Defects Reconstruction, a Classification and Treatment Algorithm Proposal.
Eric Santamaria (Mexico), Soledad Rubio-Mainardi (Mexico), Gerardo Chavez (Mexico), Damian Palafox (Mexico)
04 Identification of Predisposing Factors for Osteonecrosis of the Mandible after Marginal Mandibulectomy in the Surgical Management for Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma - Risk Factors for Mandibular Bone Necrosis
Ran Ito (Japan), Jung-Ju Huang (Taiwan), Wei-Chuan Hsieh (Taiwan), Huang-Kai Kao (Taiwan), Ming-Huei Cheng (Taiwan), Kai-Ping Chang (Taiwan)
05 Simplifying the Planning Process of Mandible Reconstruction with Free Fibula Flap
Arik Zaretski (Israel), Or Friedman (Israel), Eyal Gur (Israel), Vadik Raiser (Israel), Dan Fliss (Israel), Ravit Yanko (Israel)
06 An Algorithm for Management of External Skin Paddle in Mandibular Reconstruction with Free Fibula Osteocutaneous Flap - An Experience of 435 Cases over 4 Years
Prabha Yadav (India), Dushyant Jaiswal (India), Vinay Kant Shankhdhar (India), Saumya Mathews (India)
07 Microvascular Composite Reconstruction of the Skull and Scalp: Assessment of Treatment Options
Brian Andrews (USA), Wojciech Przylecki (USA), Paul Camarata (USA)
08 Multiple, Simultaneous Free Flaps for Reconstruction of Extensive, Composite Head and Neck Defects: Does the End Justify the Means?
J. Nick Brinkman (Netherlands), Shoista Kambiz (Netherlands), Tim De Jong (Netherlands), Marc. A.M Mureau (Netherlands)
09 Vascularized Fibula Free Flap Reconstruction of the Mandible in Pediatric Patients
Abraham Zavala (Peru), Wieslawa De Pawlikowski (Peru), Juan Francisco Ore (Peru)
10 Challenges in Secondary Reconstruction of Mandible with Free Fibula Flap
Dinesh Kadam (India)
11 Esophageal Reconstruction with Supercharged Jejunal Interposition: A Reliable Intervention for Establishing Esophageal Continuity in a Pediatric Population
Joseph M. Firriolo (USA), Sarada P. Kuchibhotla (USA), Ingrid Ganske (USA), Amir H. Taghinia (USA), Thomas E. Hamilton (USA), Jason C. Smithers (USA), Joseph Upton (USA), Russell W. Jennings (USA), Brian I. Labow (USA)
F19 Hand and Upper Extremity 3
Date & Time June 16 (Fri)
13:40 - 14:50
Room GBR 105 Track Hand and Upper Extremity
Chair(s) Steven L. Moran (USA), Joo-Yup Lee (Korea)
01Innervated Reverse Digital Artery Island Flap through Bilateral Neurorrhaphy Using Direct Small Branches of the Proper Digital Nerve
Young Ho Lee (Korea), Jihyeung Kim (Korea), Min Bom Kim (Korea), Hyun Sik Gong (Korea), Goo Hyun Baek (Korea)
02 Posterior Interosseous Artery Free Flap a Valuable Cover Option for Intermediate Defects of Dorsal Tissue of Finger and Hand.
Jesus Gonzalez (Spain), Jose Antonio Palacin (Spain), Bartolome Ferreira (Spain), Gloria Alsina (Spain), Oriol Bermejo (Spain), Anna Lopez (Spain), Joan Maria Viñals (Spain)
03 Toe-To-Hand Transplantation in Posttraumatic Children for at Least Four Years Follow-up
Lei Xu (China), Yu Cao (China)
04 Technical Consideration and Functional Outcome following Free Functioning Muscle Transfer (FFMT) Post Major Replantation and Revascularisation of Upper Limb
Hari Venkatramani (India), Raja Sabapathy Shanmuganathan (India), Praveen Bhardwaj (India)
05 One-stage Reconstruction of a Penetrating Hand Injury with Second Toe Transplantation
Chunyang Wang (China), Luyuan Sun (China), Yimin Chai (China)
06 Anatomy of the Direct Small Branches of the Proper Digital Nerve of the Fingers: A Cadaveric Study
Young Ho Lee (Korea), Jihyeung Kim (Korea), Min Bom Kim (Korea), Hyun Sik Gong (Korea), Goo Hyun Baek (Korea)
07 Is There Effective Blood Flow in Stage IIIB Kienböck Disease? A Correlation of Histopa-thology with Gadolinium-enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Xu Gong (China), Zheng Min Jiang (China), Peng Cheng Liu (China), Lai Jin Lu (China)
08 A Dorsalis Pedis Tendocutaneous Free Flap for One-stage Reconstruction of Composite Defects of Dorsal Hand Skin And Multiple Extensor Tendons; Optimal And Suboptimal Results
Aiko Barton (Japan), Atsushi Imaizumi (Japan), Kunihiro Ishida (Japan)
09 The Preferred Treatment of Single Digit Distal Phalanx Amputation: 402 Microsurgeons’ Decisions from an Online Questionnaire Survey Study
Soo Ha Kwon (Taiwan), William Lao (Taiwan), Angela Ting-Wei Hsu (Taiwan), Che-Hsiung Lee (Taiwan), Chung-Chen Hsu (Taiwan), Jung-Ju Huang (Taiwan), Shan Shan Qiu (Netherlands), Daniel Tilkorn (Germany), Ali Ghanem (UK), Tommy Nai-Jen Chang (Taiwan)
10 Thumb Reconstruction Using Twisted Two Toes Technique
Tomas Kempny (Czech Republic), Jiri Paroulek (Czech Republic), Martin Knoz (Czech Republic)
F20 Basic Research 3
Date & Time June 16 (Fri)
13:40 - 14:50
Room 203 Track General
Chair(s) Gautam Biswas (India)
01Critical Ischemia Time, Perfusion and Drainage Function of Vascularized Lymph Nodes
Chin-Yu Yang (Taiwan), Olivia A. Ho (Taiwan), Hui-Yi Hsiao (Taiwan), Ming-Huei Cheng (Taiwan)
02 Vascularized Bone Marrow Transplantation Model in Rats as an Alternative to Conventional Cellular Bone Marrow Transplantation
Dragos Zamfirescu (Romania), Anca Bordianu (Romania), A. Stefanescu (Romania), A. Lupu (Romania), M. Simionescu (Romania), M. Lanzatta (Italy), A. Stoian (Romania), I Lascar (Romania)
03 The Effect of Gel Formulated Sildenafil on Axially Based Rabbit Skin Flap Survival – An Experimental Study
Koh Khai Luen (Malaysia), Sulaiman Wan Azman (Malaysia), Kho Swee Liang (Malaysia), Yvonne-Tee Get-Bee (Malaysia)
04 Comparison of the Regeneration of Nerve Allograft with or without Chondroitinase Treatment in a Rat Model
Jin-Hyung Im (Korea), Jung-In Shim (Korea), Il-Jung Park (Korea), Yang-Guk Chung (Korea), Joo-Yup Lee (Korea)
05 Role of Fasciocutanoeus Pedicle in Saphenous Artery Perforator-plus Fascicutaneous Flap in Rabbit
Jianwei Wei (China), Zhonggen Dong (China), Jiangdong Ni (China), Lihong Liu (China), Lei Zheng (China), Ying Yang (China), Ping Peng (China), Wei Guo (China)
06 Collagen-based Scaffolds Engineered with Human Adipose-derived Stem Cells: The New Front Line for the Reconstruction of Poorly Vascularized Wounds
Mario Cherubino (Italy), Igor Pellegatta (Italy), Martina Corno (Italy), Luigi Valdatta (Italy)
07 Can CACIPLIQ20® Improve Functional Recovery of Transected Peripheral Nerve Through a Nerve Gap Bridged with an Artery Graft?
Georgia-Alexandra Spyropoulou (Greece), Leonidas Pavlidis (Greece), George Alexopoulos (Greece), Myron Tsagkarakis (Greece), Apostolos Papalois (Greece), Anna Batistatou (Greece), Alexandra Papoudou-Bai (Greece), Efterpi Demiri (Greece)
F21 Flaps 1
Date & Time June 16 (Fri)
13:40 - 14:50
Room 208 Track General
Chair(s) Geoffrey Hallock (USA), Jae Hoon Lee (Korea)
01Venous Supercharging Reduces Complications and Improves Outcomes of Distally Based Sural Flaps
Christian Herlin (France), Benoit Chaput (France), Sandy Dast (France), Raphael Sinna (France)
02 The Using of Perforator-based Biloded Flap in Reconstruction of Complex Hand Defects
Shengdi Lu (China)
03 Lumbar Artery Perforators: an Anatomical Study Based on Computed Tomographic Angiography- Imaging
Casper Sommeling (Belgium), Britt Colebunders (Belgium), Eddy Van Hedent (Belgium), Filip Stillaert (Belgium), Phillip Blondeel (Belgium), Koenraad Van Landuyt (Belgium)
04 Impact of Flap Compression Therapy on Pedicle in Perforator Based Flaps
Hyung Hwa Jeong (Korea), Hyun Suk Suh (Korea), Joon Pio Hong (Korea)
05 Reconstruction of Large Defects: A Novel Application of the Double-skin Paddle Deep Inferior Epigastric Artery Perforator Flap Design Provides for Primary Donor-site Closure in Children
Luozhenhua Luozhenhua (China), Tang Juyu (China)
06 Advanced Surgical Anatomy of the iRASP Flap
Jae-Won Yang (Korea)
07 Perforator Propeller Flap for Oncologic Reconstruction of Soft Tissue Defects in Trunk and Extremities
Mengqing Zang (China), Yuanbo Liu (China)
08 Chimeric Multiple Perforator Fibula Flap (CMPF): Expanding Single Flap Reconstruction and Optimizing Donor Site Morbidity
Guilherme Cardinali Barreiro (Brazil), Alex Boso Fioravanti (Brazil), Chelsea Snider (USA)
09 Perforasomes of the Fasciocutaneous Infragluteal Flap (FCI): An Anatomical Study
Stefan Hacker (Austria), Lena Hirtler (Austria), Ines Tinhofer (Austria), Lukas Reissig (Austria), Michael Pollhammer (Austria), Manfred Schmidt (Austria), Christoph Papp (Austria), Wolfgang J. Weninger (Austria), Wolfgang Michlits (Austria)
10 Suprafascial Dissection of the Pedicled Groin Flap: A Safe and Practical Approach to Flap Harvest
Yen Chun Lee (Taiwan), Chung-Chen Hsu (Taiwan), Chih-Hung Lin (Taiwan), Yu-Te Lin (Taiwan), Cheng-Hung Lin (Taiwan)
11 The Chimeric Superficial Circumflex Iliac Artery Perforator Flap is an Effective Option for Reconstruction of Osteocutaneous Defects of the Hand or Foot
Jia-Dong Pan (China), Wang Xin (China)
12 Pedicle Anterolateral Thigh Perforator Flap (ALTP) as a Reconstructive Option after Oncology Resection
Gabriel Manfro (Brazil), Anna Paula Pacheco (Brazil), Roger Polo (Brazil), Mauricio De Marco (Brazil), Antuani Rafael Baptistella (Brazil), Roger Bercot (Brazil)
F22 Lymphatic Surgery 2
Date & Time June 16 (Fri)
14:50 - 16:00
Room GBR 101 Track Lymphedema
Chair(s) Jaume Masia (Spain), Deok-Woo Kim (Korea)
01Lymphovenous Anastomosis is Dramatically Effective for Facial Edema, Retroperitoneal Lymphocele, and Lymphorrhea   ( JSRM International Traveling Fellows Paper )
Hideki Kadota (Japan), Sei Yoshida (Japan), Masuo Hanada (Japan), Kenichi Kamizono (Japan), Ryo Shimamoto (Japan), Yusuke Inatomi (Japan), Seita Fukushima (Japan), Kana Hisanaga (Japan)
02 The Vascularized Groin Lymph Node Flap (Vgln): Anatomical Study and Flap Planning Using Multi-Detector Ct Scanner. The Golden Triangle for Flap Harvesting
Assaf Zelter (Belgium), Eddy VanHedent (Belgium), Benoit Hendrickx (Belgium), Moustapha Hamdi (Belgium)
03 A Prospective Evaluation of HealthRelated Quality of Life in Lymphedema Treatment
Chia Yu Lin (Taiwan), Ming-Huei Cheng (Taiwan)
04 The Anatomy of the Vascularized Lateral Thoracic Artery Lymph Node Flap – A Cadaver Study
Ines Tinhofer (Austria), Stefan Meng (Austria), Johannes Steinbacher (Austria), Julia Roka-Palkovits (Austria), Eva Placheta (Austria), Lukas Reissig (Austria), Wolfgang J. Weninger (Austria), Ming-Huei Cheng (Taiwan), Chieh-Han J. Tzou (Austria)
05 Clustering Patterns of Omental Lymph Nodes Along the Right Gastroepiploic Artery
Julia Cook (USA), Sarah Sasor (USA), Sunil Tholpady (USA), Michael Chu (USA)
06 The Surgical Anatomy of the Supraclavicular Lymph Node Flap: a Basis for the Free Vascularized Lymph Node Transfer
Johannes Steinbacher (Austria), Ines Tinhofer (Austria), Stefan Meng (Austria), Lukas Reissig (Austria), Eva Placheta (Austria), Julia Roka-Palkovits (Austria), Thomas Rath (Austria), Ming-Huei Cheng (Taiwan), Wolfgang Weniger (Austria), Chieh-Han J. Tzou (Austria)
07 Early Detection of Lymphatic Disorder and Treatment for Lymphedema Following Breast Cancer and Gynecological Cancer: Difference between Upper and Lower Extremity
Shinsuke Akita (Japan), Yoshihisa Yamaji (Japan), Nobuyuki Mitsukawa (Japan)
08 Lymphoedema Rates in Pedicled Thigh Flaps for Coverage of Groin Defects Following Resection of Soft Tissue Sarcoma
Sibon Kim Fuzzard (Australia)
09 Comprehensive Review of Lymphedema with Clinical Experience in Korean Lymphedema Patients
Yeonhoon Lee (Korea), Hyunsuk Seo (Korea), Joon Pio Hong (Korea), Yoonkyu Jung (Korea)
10 A Head to Head Comparison of Donor Site Morbidity and Complications after Vascularized Lymph Node Harvest: Pearls and Pitfalls of A 6-Year Single Center Experience
Pedro Ciudad (Taiwan), Oscar Manrique (USA), Fabio Nicoli (Taiwan), Kidakorn Kiranantawat (Thailand), Wei-Ling Chang (Taiwan), Hung-Chi Chen (Taiwan)
11 Orthotopic Placement of Vascularized Groin Lymph Node Flap in the Treatment of Secondary Upper Limb Lymphedema: Clinical Results, Lymphoscintigraphy Findings and Proposed Mechanism
Hin Lun Liu (Hong Kong)
F23 Breast / Trunk
Date & Time June 16 (Fri)
14:50 - 16:00
Room GBR 102 Track Breast/Trunk
Chair(s) Jung-Ju Huang (Taiwan), Keun-cheol Lee (Korea)
01Perforators as Recipients for Free Flap Reconstruction for Posterior Trunk Defect
Yoon Jae Lee (Korea), Suk-Ho Moon (Korea)
02 Posterior Intercostal Artery Perforator Flap for Posterior Trunk Reconstruction: Perforator Mapping with High Resolution Ultrasound and Clinical Application
Manfred Schmidt (Austria), Thomas Moritz (Austria), Dominik Duscher (Austria), Georg M. Huemer (Austria)
03 Abdominal Wall Reconstruction for Complex Defects Using Combined Tensor Fasciae Latae and Anterolateral Thigh Flaps: A Long-term Follow-up
Yimin Liang (China), Danru Wang (China), Yunliang Qian (China), Chen Wang (China)
04 Volume Change of Pedicled Latissimus Dorsi Muscle Flap after Partial Breast Reconstruction
Chang Min Kang (Korea), Jeong Su Shim (Korea), Dong Gil Han (Korea), Dae Hwan Park (Korea)
05 Patient Reported Satisfaction and Quality of Life in Obese Patients: A Comparison Between Microsurgical and Prosthetic Implant Recipients
Katie Elizabeth Weichman (USA), Danielle Jackson (USA), Heather Erhard (USA), David Greenspun (USA), Teresa Benacquista (USA), Evan Garfein (USA)
06 The Evolving Role of Microsurgery in Living-Donor Liver Transplantation
Cassandra Ligh (USA), Ari Wes (USA), Stephen Kovach (USA), Kim Olthoff (USA), Abraham Shaked (USA), Peter Abt (USA), L. Scott Levin (USA), Jason W. Yu (USA)
07 Contralateral Unaffected Breast Augmentation Reusing Zone Ⅳ as a SIEA Flap during Unilateral DIEP Flap Breast Reconstruction
Mayuka Shida (Japan), Toshihiko Satake (Japan), Hironori Hori (Japan), Mayu Muto (Japan), Kazunori Yasumura (Japan), Jiro Maegawa (Japan)
08 What Happens to Patients with Free Abdominal-based Autologous Breast Reconstruction? A Twelve-year Aesthetic Outcome and Quality of Life Study
Tianyi Liu (Sweden), Christoffer Freijs (Sweden), Anna Feinbaum (Sweden), Rafael Acosta (Australia), Anders Liss (Sweden), Andres Rodriguez (Sweden), Maria Mani (Sweden)
09 Autologous vs. Implant-Based Breast Reconstruction: a Comparative Long-Term Health Care Utilization and Cost Analysis
Alexis Laungani (USA), Judy Boughey (USA), Lin Zhu (USA), Elizabeth Habermann (USA), Valerie Lemaine (USA)
10 Reconstruction of Pressure Ulcer with Ad Hoc Perforator Flaps
Tugba Gun Koplay (Turkey), Osman Akdag (Turkey), Mehtap Karamese (Turkey), Zekeriya Tosun (Turkey)
11 The Extended TUG Flap for Breast Reconstruction
Hui Chai Fong (Singapore), Christopher Hoe Kong Chui (Singapore)
F24 Lower Extremity 4
Date & Time June 16 (Fri)
14:50 - 16:00
Room GBR 103 Track Lower Extremity
Chair(s) Charles K. Lee (USA)
01Parallel Free VFG for the Management of Nonunion after Bone Tumor Reconstruction of the Femur
Jong Hun Baek (Korea), Duke Whan Chung (Korea), Jae Hoon Lee (Korea), Hyun Ho Lee (Korea), Kyu Jin Kim (Korea), Chunghwan Lee (Korea), Chung Soo Han (Korea)
02 Microvascular Reconstruction in the Management of Chronic Osteomyelitis in the Lower Limb
James Kwok-Kwan Chan (UK), Robert Miller (UK), Alex Ramsden (UK)
03 Bipaddle Anterolateral Thigh Perforator Flap for Reconstruction of Complex Defect of the Foot and Ankle
Liming Qing (China), Juyu Tang (China), pangfeng wu (China), Zhengbing Zhou (China), Fang Yu (China)
04 Reconstruction of Transmetatarsal Amputation Stumps by Free Flap : A Reliable Technique to Avoid Major Amputations
Julian Vitse (France), Hyun Suk Suh (Korea), Joon Pio Hong (Korea)
05 Soft Tissue Reconstruction of the Knee Following Peri-prosthetic Joint Infection (PJI) - A Comparison of Outcomes
Hui Chai Fong (Singapore), Nadia Sim (Singapore), Terence Goh (Singapore)
06 External Fixation Combined with Vascularized Iliac Crest Bone Flap Transposition for Nonunion of Upper Femoral Shaft Fractures
Dewei Zhao (China)
07 Reconstruction of Long Tibia Bone Defect using Free Vascularized Fibula Graft and Locking Plate
Young Ho Lee (Korea), Jihyeung Kim (Korea), Ki Ho Lee (Korea), Seung Hoo Lee (Korea), Jin Woo Park (Korea), Kahyun Kim (Korea), Goo Hyun Baek (Korea)
08 Protective Effect of Two Venous Anastomoses in Lower Extremity Trauma Free Flap Reconstruction
John Stranix (USA), Lavinia Anzai (USA), Z-Hye Lee (USA), Adam Jacoby (USA), Pierre Saadeh (USA), Jamie Levine (USA), Vishal Thanik (USA)
09 Diabetic Foot Ulcer Reconstruction Using Free Flaps-Our Experience
Rajendra Suresh Gujjalanavar (India)
10 Microsurgical Diabetic Foot Ulcer Reconstruction: The Most Functional Reconstruction
Donghyeok Shin (Korea), Dong Keun Jun (Korea)
11 The Composite Anterolateral Thigh Flap (ALT) with Vascularised Fascia Lata for Functional Reconstruction of Complex Soft Tissue Defects involving the Achilles Tendon. One Center Experience.
Lucian P. Jiga (Germany), Martin C. Lam (Germany), Benedikt Merwart (Germany), Wiebke Steege (Germany), Sascha Zachariah (Germany), Zaher Jandali (Germany)
12 Lower Extremity Free Tissue Transfer in the Setting of Thrombophilia: A Prospective Comparison of Perioperative Anticoagulation Protocols
Michael DeFazio (USA), James Economides (USA), Ersilia Anghel (USA), Anagha Kumar (USA), Caitlin Ward (USA), Karen Evans (USA)
F25 Head and Neck 4
Date & Time June 16 (Fri)
14:50 - 16:00
Room GBR 104 Track Head and Neck
Chair(s) Sukru Yazar (Turkey), Minsung Tak (Korea)
01Intrinsically Fabricated Anterolateral Thigh Flap in Head and Neck Reconstruction
Gautam Biswas (India), Karnav Panchal (India), Aditya Kanoi (India)
02 Salvage of Post-Cranioplasty Implant Exposure Using Free Tissue Transfer
Cheng-Hung Lin (Taiwan), Pang-Yun Chou (Taiwan), Yen Chun Lee (Taiwan), Chung-Chen Hsu (Taiwan), Chih-Hung Lin (Taiwan)
03 Masseter Nerve Based Comprehensive Reanimation Strategy For Early Stage Facial Palsy
Wei Wang (China), Wenjin Wang (China), Gang Chen (China)
04 The Role of Masseteric Nerve-Based Super-Selective Neurotisation of the Zygomaticus Major and Levator Labii Superioris for Smile Augmentation
Ruben Kannan (UK), Catriona Neville (UK), Vanessa Venables (UK), Tamsin Gwynn (UK), Charles Nduka (UK)
05 Anatomical and Histomorphometric Study: Spinal Accessory Nerve Transfer for One-Stage Facial Reanimation Surgery
Eva Gyoeri (Austria), Ines Tinhofer (Austria), Wolfgang J. Weninger (Austria), Thomas Rath (Austria), David Chwei-Chin Chuang (Taiwan), Chieh-Han John Tzou (Austria)
06 Fascicular Turnover Flap for Facial Nerve Gap - Case Report
Gabriel Manfro (Brazil), Mauricio De Marco (Brazil), Polo Roger (Brazil), Anna Paula Pacheco (Brazil), Antuani Rafael Baptistella (Brazil)
07 Simultaneous Reconstruction of the Lower Lip during Functioning Free Muscle Transplantation for Smile Reanimation in Facial Paralysis: Objective and Subjective Evaluation Comparing Different Surgical Methods.
Tsung-Kai Lin (Taiwan), Johnny Chuieng - Yi Lu (Taiwan), Tommy Nai-Jen Chang (Taiwan), David Chwei-Chin Chuang (Taiwan)
08 Facial Paralysis and Reconstruction-- Comparison among CFNG-, XI- and V3-innervated Gracilis for Facial Reanimation
David Chwei-Chin Chuang (Taiwan), Tommy Nai-Jen Chang (Taiwan), Johnny Chuieng-Yi Lu (Taiwan)
09 Platysma Motor Nerve Transfer for Restoring Marginal Mandibular Nerve Function
Andres Rodriguez (Sweden), David Jensson (Sweden), Wolfgang Weninger (Austria), Melanie Schmid (Austria), Stefan Meng (Austria), Chieh-Han John Tzou (Austria)
10 Combination of Hypoglossal Nerve Transfer using an Interpositional Nerve Graft with End-to-side Neurorrhaphy and Masseter Nerve Transfer for the Acute to Subacute Facial Reanimation
Ayato Hayashi (Japan), Hidekazu Yoshizawa (Japan), Daiki Senda (Japan), Doruk Orgun (Japan), Hiroshi Mizuno (Japan)
F26 Hand and Upper Extremity 4
Date & Time June 16 (Fri)
14:50 - 16:00
Room GBR 105 Track Hand and Upper Extremity
Chair(s) Yongjun Rui (China)
01Application of Negative Pressure Wound Therapy in Fingertip Replantation
Szu-Han Wang (Taiwan), Ching-Hsuan Hu (Taiwan)
02 Outcomes and Risk Factors of Failure after Digital Replantations in Patients Aged 60 years and Older
Yu-Jun Kwon (Korea), Byung-Moon Ahn (Korea), Jun-Sung Hwang (Korea), Jin-Young Kim (Korea), Joo-Young Chung (Korea), Myoung-Il Cho (Korea), Kee-Hyun Lee (Korea), Hyung-Tek Choi (Korea), Yong-Chan Ha (Korea)
03 Our Experience in Single Digit Replantation at the Flexor Zone 2 Level
Mehmet Baydar (Turkey), Ayse Sencan (Turkey), Ibrahim Avsin Ozturk (Turkey), Osman Orman (Turkey), Kahraman Ozturk (Turkey)
04 Thumb Replantation: Functional Recovery Beyond 15 Years of Experience
Davide Ciclamini (Italy), Bruno Battiston (Italy), Pierluigi Tos (Italy), Crosio Alessandro (Italy), Ilaria Da Rold (Italy), Ernesta Magistroni (Italy)
05 Upper Extremity Reconstruction after Sarcoma Resection
Detlev Erdmann (USA), William Eward (USA), Brian Brigman (USA), Ronnie Shammas (USA), L. Scott Levin (USA)
06 Osteocutaneous Lateral Upper Arm Flap for Reconstruction of Composite Tissue Defect with Skin and Bone in a Digit. Report of 2 Cases.
Kota Hayashi (Japan), Yasunori Hattori (Japan), Sotetsu Sakamoto (Japan), Kazuteru Doi (Japan)
07 Reconstruction for Non-Replantable Digit
Carolina Carvajal forero (Taiwan), Yuan-hao Yen (Taiwan), Tsan-Shiun Lin (Taiwan)
08 V Advancement Flap for Fingertip Injury Preventing Necrosis and Hook Nail Deformity
Young Ho Lee (Korea), Jung Eun Lee (Korea), Min Bom Kim (Korea), Hyun Sik Gong (Korea), Jihyeung Kim (Korea), Goo Hyun Baek (Korea)
09 Free-style Anterolateral Thigh Perforator Flap for Coverage of Hand Defects With Color Doppler Sonography (CDS)Imaging Technique
Zhengfeng Lu (China), Yongjun Rui (China), Hai Huang (China), Haifeng Shi (China), Gang Zhao (China), Kai Yang (China), Shengzhi Zhang (China)
F27 Basic Research 4
Date & Time June 16 (Fri)
14:50 - 16:00
Room 203 Track General
Chair(s) Andreas Gravvanis (Greece), Sang Yoon Kang (Korea)
01Experimental Results of Nerve Regeneration Using Chitosan Conduit Enriched by Fresh Muscle Fibers
Alessandro Crosio (Italy), Giulia Ronchi (Italy), Benedetta Elena Fornasari (Italy), Bruno Battiston (Italy), Stefano Geuna (Italy), Pierluigi Tos (Italy)
02 Re-innervation of the Skin Following Nerve Autograft Reconstruction in a Rat Model
Tim Hendrik Jan Nijhuis (Netherlands), Liron Duraku (Netherlands), Caroline Hundepool (Netherlands), Johan Van Neck (Netherlands), Tom Ruigrok (Netherlands), Steven Hovius (Netherlands), Erik Walbeehm (Netherlands)
03 The Role of the Wnt Pathway in the Adipogenic Potential of an Adipose-derived Matrix (Adipogel)
Diego Marre (Australia), Xiao Lian Han (Australia), Chris Poon (Australia), Geraldine Mitchell (Australia), Wayne Morrison (Australia)
04 Analysis of the Velocity of Epithelialization in Accordance with the Time and Various Factors Affecting Epithelialization Rate
Yu Kwan Song (Korea), Soon Heum Kim (Korea), Dong In Jo (Korea), Hyun Gon Choi (Korea), Dong Hyeok Shin (Korea), Myung cheol Lee (Korea), Ji Nam Kim (Korea)
05 Mesenchymal Stem Cells Ameliorates Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury in a Rat Fasciocutaneous Flap Model
Alberto Ballestin (Spain), Javier G. Casado (Spain), Elena Abellán (Spain), F. Javier Vela (Spain), Verónica Álvarez (Spain), Alejandra Usón (Spain), Rebeca Blázquez (Spain), F. Miguel Sánchez-Margallo (Spain)
06 Computational Fluid Dynamics in Free Flap Tissue Micro-vascular Surgery
John Loh (Singapore), Vinh-Tan Nguyen (Singapore)
07 Evaluation of the Forearm Dominancy Artery for Invasive Vascular Procedure with 3D-CT Angiography
Sae Hwi Ki (Korea)
08 The Effects of Negative Pressure by External Tissue Expansion Device and Adipose Stem Cells on Fat Survival in a Porcine Model
Hui-Yi Hsiao (Taiwan), Jai-Wei Liu (Taiwan), Eric Brey (USA), Ming Huei Cheng (Taiwan)
09 A Novel Model of Septocutaneous Perforator Pedicled Flap and Perforator-plus Fascicutaneous Flap in Rabbit
Jianwei Wei (China), Zhonggen Dong (China), Jiangdong Ni (China), Lihong Liu (China), Ping Peng (China), Wei Guo (China)
10 A Hyperbaric Subnormothermic Ex Vivo Perfusion System Preserves Transplantable Tissue Composites with Reduced Muscle Damage and Delays Acute Rejection Compared to Cold Storage
Charles Anton Fries (Taiwan), Sharon Lawson (USA), Lin Wang (USA), Jerry Spencer (USA), George Wolf (USA), Rory Rickard (UK), Vijay Gorantla (USA), Michael Davis (USA)
11 Tissue-engineered Bone: From Bench to Bedside
Guoxian Pei (China), Junjun Fan (China), Long Bi (China)
12 Characterization of Angiogenesis in the Mouse Arteriovenous Loop Model to inform Vascular Tissue Engineering
Jason Kin Fai Wong (UK), Richard Wong (UK)
13 A Novel Fluorescent Nano-Neuroanatomical Tracer: Cholera Toxin B Conjugated Carbon Dots
Nan Zhou (China), Laijin Lu (China), Maharjan Suraj (China)
14 Investigation of the Effect of Melatonin on Healing of Burn Wounds in Pinealectomized Rat
Emine Cigdem Karadag (Turkey), Hatice Toy (Turkey), Aysun Toker (Turkey), Nedim Savacı (Turkey)
15 Skin Microcirculatory Changes in Relation to Arteriovenous Fistula Maturation
Siew Cheng Chai (Malaysia), Wan Azman Wan Sulaiman (Malaysia), Arman Zaharil Mat Saad (Malaysia), Aida Hanum Ghulam Rasool (Malaysia), Amran Ahmed Shokri (Malaysia)
16 Pre-ischemic Precondition with miR-21-5p Inhibitor Increases Angiogenesis via HIF/PTEN/Akt/Smad 7 Pathway in Vascularity-insufficient Flap
Chih-Hau Chang (Taiwan), Yur-Ren Kuo (Taiwan), Ya-Ling Hsu (Taiwan), Chung-Sheng Lai (Taiwan)
F28 Flaps 2
Date & Time June 16 (Fri)
14:50 - 16:00
Room 208 Track General
Chair(s) O. Koray Coskunfirat (Turkey), Jin Ho Kim (Korea)
01Experience with the "Racing Stripe" Modification of the Radial Forearm Free Flap.
Emmanuel G. Melissinos (USA)
02 Superficial Iliac Artery Perforatory Based Iliac Bone Flap
Daghan Dagdelen (Turkey), Alper Aksoy (Turkey), Emin Sir (Turkey)
03 Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders in Plastic Surgeons: A Systematic Review
Sherise Epstein (USA), Bao Ngoc Tran (USA), Qing Ruan (USA), Bernard Lee (USA), Dhruv Singhal (USA)
04 Combination Phalloplasty: An Alternative Phalloplasty Technique in Transsexuals
Yuzaburo Namba (Japan), Toshiyuki Watanabe (Japan), Yoshihiro Kimata (Japan)
05 Concordance Study of Thermal Imaging with CT Angiography in Detecting Perforators for Free Flaps Planning
Nicolas Pereira (Chile), Günther Mangelsdorff (Chile), Matías Kufeke (Chile), Diego Valenzuela (Chile), Ricardo Roa (Chile)
06 The Clinical Use of Medial Sural Artery Perforator Flap Chimeric Medial Gastrocnemius Muscle
Che-Hsiung Lee (Taiwan), Yu-Ying Chu (Taiwan), Tommy Nai-Jen Chang (Taiwan), Mark Shafarenko (Canada), Chih-Hung Lin (Taiwan), Jo-Chun Hsiao (Taiwan), Huang-Kai Kao (Taiwan), Cheng-Hung Lin (Taiwan)
07 Reliability of the Pudendal Flap: Doppler Ultrasound Study, Technical Refinement and Clinical Results
Nizar Assaf (France), Mohammed Alharbi (France), Sandy Dast (France), Christian Herlin (France), Raphael Sinna (France)
08 Sural Nerve Splitting in Reverse Sural Artery Perforator Flap: Anatomical Study in 40 Cadaver Legs
Hyeonwoo Kim (Korea), Julong Hu (China), Hak Chang (Korea), Byung Jun Kim (Korea)
09 Radial Artery Perforator Flap: New Method of Reshaping
Musa Mateev (Kyrgyzstan)
10 Propeller Flap – In-Flap Method: New Conception in Reconstruction of Soft Tissue Defects
Musa Mateev (Kyrgyzstan)
11 Free Perivascular Tissue Flap for Small Soft Tissue Defects
Ken Matsuda (Japan), Hiroshi Oyamatsu (Japan), Yoriko Nakajima (Japan), Ryoko Watanabe (Japan)
12 Vascular Anatomy and Clinical Application of the Free Distal and Middle Ulnar Artery Perforator Flap
Feng Zhu (China), Huey Tien (USA), Hong Chen (China)
Date & Time June 17 (Sat)
07:10 - 08:20
Room GBR 101 Track VCA
Chair(s) W. P. Andrew Lee (USA), Jongwon Hong (Korea)
01Triptolide Reduces the Required Dose of Tacrolimus by Attenuating Inflammation, Enhancing Immunosuppression, And Increasing Donor Chimerism in Heterotopic Hindlimb Transplantation Model
Chuan Gu (China), Fei Liu (China), Jun Yang (China)
02 Extended Normothermic Ex Situ Limb Perfusion Preserves Limb Viability and Function up to 44 Hours
Kihyun Cho (USA), Edoardo Dalla Pozza (USA), Maria Madajka (USA), Eliana Duraes (USA), Russell Frautschi (USA), Nadeera Dawlagala (USA), Vahe Fahradyan (USA), Francis Papay (USA), Antonio Rampazzo (USA), Bahar Bassiri Gharb (USA)
03 Vascularized Bone Marrow Transplant
Induces and Maintains Functional Mystacial Pad Allograft Tolerance
Cheng-Hung Lin (Taiwan), Madonna Rica Anggelia (Taiwan), Chih-Jen Wen (Taiwan), Hui-Yun Cheng (Taiwan), Chih-Hung Lin (Taiwan), Gerald Brandacher (USA)
04 Vascularized Composite Allograft Rejection Is Markedly Influenced by Early-Stage Damage-Related Inflammatory Responses
Or Friedman (Israel), Meirav Sela (Israel), Ameen Abu Jabal (Israel), Amir Inbal (Israel), Moshe Ben Hamou (Israel), Yakov Krelin (Israel), Narin Carmel (Israel), Eyal Gur (Israel), Nir Shani (Israel)
05 Immunomodulation Using a Novel Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapy Following Vascularized Composite Allotransplantation in a Rat Forelimb Model
Zvi Steinberger (USA), Heng Xu (USA), Nikolas H. Kazmers (USA), Chen Chi-Der (USA), Robert J. Caron (USA), Ling Qin (USA), L. Scott Levin (USA)
06 A Vascularized Knee Allotransplantation Model in the Rats
Liming Qing (China), Juyu Tang (China), Jinfei Fu (China), Pangfeng Wu (China)
07 Vascular Perfusion of the Facial Skin - Implications in Allotransplantation of Facial Aesthetic Subunits
Andres Rodriguez (Sweden), Thorir Audolfsson (Sweden), Corrine Wong (USA), Daniel Saiepour (Sweden), Daniel Nowinski (Sweden), Shai Rozen (USA)
08 A Modular Approach to Designing Complex Operations: Bilateral Hand Transplantation
Benjamin Chang (USA), Jason Weissler (USA), Martin Carney (USA), Fares Samra (USA), Ines Lin (USA), Stephen Kovach (USA), Lawrence S. Levin (USA)
09 Dendritic Cell Therapy for Composite Tissue Allotransplantation
Krishna Vyas (USA), Samir Mardini (USA)
10 Utility of IL-2 Complexes in Promoting Vascularized Composite Allograft Survival
Heng Xu (China), Zvi Steinberger (Israel), Wayne W. Hancock (USA), L. Scott Levin (USA), Yixin Zhang (China)
F30 Microsurgery Training
Date & Time June 17 (Sat)
07:10 - 08:20
Room GBR 102 Track General
Chair(s) Ali Mahmoud Ghanem (UK), Jin Soo Kim (Korea)
01Can an Online Microsurgery Group Become a Reliable Consultation System for Reconstruction in Challenging Cases?
Evelyn Ting-Hsuan Tang (Taiwan), Hsing-Yu Chen (Taiwan), Mark Shafarenko (Canada), Johnny Chuieng-Yi Lu (Taiwan), Cheng-Fong Chu (Taiwan), Yen-Chou Chen (Taiwan), Ching-Yueh Wei (Taiwan), Soo-Ha Kwon (Taiwan), Angela Ting-Wei Hsu (Taiwan), Tommy Nai-Jen Chang (Taiwan)
02 Epidemiology of Stress Among 402 International Microsurgeons
Ting-Wei Hsu (Taiwan), Che-Hsiung Lee (Taiwan), Mark Hafarenko (Canada), Soo-Ha Kwon (Taiwan), William Lao (Taiwan), Chieh-Han J. Tzou (Austria), Julia Roka-Palkovits (Austria), Ricardo Carvalho (Portugal), Johnny Chuieng-Yi Lu (Taiwan), Tommy Nai-Jen Chang (Taiwan)
03 Incisional Negative Pressure Therapy in Free Anterolateral Thigh Flap. A Cohort Study.
Gunther Mangelsdorff (Chile), Pedro Cuevas (Chile), Nicolas Pereira (Chile), Enrica Ramirez (Chile)
04 The Flower Petal Technique in Microsurgical Training: Validation of a Training Model
Victor Volovici (Netherlands), Ruben Dammers (Netherlands), Giuseppe Lanzino (USA), Michael T. Lawton (USA), Dragos Zamfirescu (Romania)
05 Low Cost Hand Movement Analysis Based on Color Tracking for Assessment of Microsurgical Skill Acquisition in a Simulation Model
Ignacio Cifuentes (Chile), Bruno Dagnino (Chile), Alvaro Cambara (Chile), Julian Varas (Chile)
06 The Double Stitch Everting Technique- Results of the Validation Study
Ruben Dammers (Netherlands), Giuseppe Lanzino (USA), Dragos Zamfirescu (Romania), Michael T. Lawton (USA), Victor Volovici (Netherlands)
07 Expanding the Spectrum on Perforator Flap Training: Non-Living Porcine Osteocutaneous Fibula Flap Model
Jose Ramon Rodriguez (Chile), Ignacio Cifuentes (Chile), Ricardo Yañez (Chile), Bruno Dagnino (Chile)
08 Challenges of Reconstructive Microsurgery: A Five Years Review of Outcome in Sudan
Salim Mohamed Elamin (Sudan)
09 Supermicrosurgery: Clinical Applications, Learning Curve, Appropriate Ex Vivo and In Vivo Models and Their Potential Incorporation into Existing Training Programs
Eleni Ntouvali (Greece)
10 The Novel Chicken Thigh Adductor Profundus Free Muscle Flap: A Validated Non-living, “3Rs” Microsurgery Simulation Training Model
Georgios Pafitanis (UK), Yasmine Serrar (UK), Maria Raveedran (UK), Ali Ghanem (UK), Simon Myers (UK)
F31 Lower Extremity 5
Date & Time June 17 (Sat)
07:10 - 08:20
Room GBR 103 Track Lower Extremity
Chair(s) Thomas Kremer (Germany), Jae Hoon Lee (Korea)
01Free Intra-Osseous Muscle Transfer for Treatment of Chronic Osteomyelitis
Trung Hau Le Thua (Viet Nam), Willy Boeckx (Belgium), Albert De Mey (Belgium)
02 Marko Godina's Principles in the Twenty First Century and the Evolution of Lower Extremity Reconstruction
David Colen (USA), Lawrence Colen (USA), L. Scott Levin (USA), Stephen John Kovach (USA)
03 Flap Failure Detection Using Color Duplex Ultrasonography
Jin Geun Kwon (Korea), Hyun Suk Suh (Korea), Dong Hoon Choi (Korea), Joon Pio Hong (Korea)
04 The Reconstructive Choice Preference for Severe Sole and Heel Degloving Injury: From 225 International Microsurgeon's Points of View
Che-Hsiung Lee (Taiwan), Yu-Ying Chu (Taiwan), Tommy Nai-Jen Chang (Taiwan), Soo-Ha Kwon (Taiwan), Mark Shafarenko (Canada), Ting-Wei Hsu (Taiwan), William Lao (Taiwan), Daniel Tilkorn (Germany), Ricardo Carvalho (Portugal), Chung-Chen Hsu (Taiwan)
05 The Preferred Reconstruction for a Lower Third Tibia Exposure Defect: 332 International Microsurgeons’ Decision
Soo Ha Kwon (Taiwan), Che-Hsiung Lee (Taiwan), Mark Shafarenko (Canada), Ting-Wei Hsu (Taiwan), William Lao (Taiwan), Jung-Ju Huang (Taiwan), Chung-Chen Hsu (Taiwan), Julia Roka-Palkovits (Austria), Chieh-Han J. Tzou (Austria), Tommy Nai-Jen Chang (Taiwan)
06 Alternative Recipient Vessels in Free Flap Lower- Limb Reconstruction
Casper Sommeling (Belgium), Koenraad Van Landuyt (Belgium), Phillip Blondeel (Belgium), Filip Stillaert (Belgium), Nathalie Roche (Belgium), Stan Monstrey (Belgium), Salvatore D' Arpa (Belgium)
07 Treatment of Complex Lower Limb Fracture with Bone Graft and Fascia of ALT Free Flap. The Wrap Technique
Mario Cherubino (Italy), Igor Pellegatta (Italy), Davide Sallam (Italy), Martina Corno (Italy), Federico Tamborini (Italy), Francesca Maggiulli (Italy), Luigi Valdatta (Italy)
08 Knee Joint Reconstruction after Hemiarticular Resection Using Pedicled Patella and Vascularized Fibular Graft
Mohamed Kotb (Egypt)
09 A Novel Method of Calcaneal Reconstruction Using a Femoral Head Allograft Revascularized with a Free Medial Femoral Condyle Flap
Shih-Hsuan Mao (Taiwan), Jason Wong (UK), Charles Yuen Yung Loh (Taiwan), Cheng-Hung Lin (Taiwan), Yu-Te Lin (Taiwan), Chung-Chen Hsu (Taiwan)
10 Functional Reconstruction of Complex Articular Defects with Chimeric ALT Flap Extended to Fascia Lata: Motion, Function and Recovery Outcomes
Pietro G di Summa (Switzerland), Patrice Zaugg (Switzerland), Mario Cherubino (Italy), Gianluca Sapino (Switzerland), Olivier Bauquis (Switzerland), Wassim Raffoul (Switzerland)
11 Feasibility of Vascularized Iliac Crest Bone Grafting in the Treatment of Late Stages of Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease
Xiao Yongbing (China), Tang Juyu (China)
F32 Head and Neck 5
Date & Time June 17 (Sat)
07:10 - 08:20
Room GBR 104 Track Head and Neck
Chair(s) Tahsin Oguz Acarturk (USA)
01The Pre-expanded Circumflex Scapular Artery Perforator Flap for Reconstruction of Extensive Post-burn Mentosternal Contracture
Danru Wang (China), Chen Wang (China), Yimin Liang (China), Yunliang Qian (China)
02 The Optimality of Prior Designed Over-sized Anterolateral Thigh Free Flap and Its Varied Applications for Advanced Oral Cancer Reconstruction
Chang-Cheng Chang (Taiwan), Fu-Chan Wei (Taiwan), Jung-Ju Huang (Taiwan), Yu-Ying Chu (Taiwan), Willium Lao (Taiwan)
03  Facial Contouring Augmentation Using Vascularized Adipose Flaps by Intra Oral Approach
Shuhei Yoshida (Japan), Mitsunobu Harima (Japan), Shuji Yamashita (Japan), Isao Koshima (Japan)
04 Classification and Functional Reconstruction of Soft and Hard Palate Defects
Hiroshi Matsumoto (Japan), Yoshihiro Kimata (Japan), Narushi Sugiyama (Japan), Satoshi Onoda (Japan)
05 Microsurgical Reconstruction of the Oromandibular Defect Using Free Tissue Transfer and Anatomic-Preformed Plate: An Outcome Study
Nidal Al Deek (Syrian Arab Republic), Duretti Fufa (USA), Fu-Chan Wei (Taiwan)
06 Pedicled Superior Thyroid Artery Perforator Flap for Defects Reconstruction after Oral Cancer Ablation
Canhua Jiang (China)
07 Peroneal Flap - A Versatile and Viable Option for Soft Tissue Defect in Head and Neck Reconstruction
Ying-Sheng Lin (Taiwan), Kuo-Chung Yang (Taiwan)
08 Dual Vascular Pedicles in Post-Radiotherapeutic Esophageal Reconstruction with Free Jejunum to Ensure Total Flap Survival
Tony C.T. Huang (Taiwan), Pedro Ciudad (Taiwan), Mouchammed Agko (Taiwan), Oscar Manrique (Taiwan), Hung-Chi Chen (Taiwan)
09 Long Term Evaluation of Hemifacial Atrophy Reconstruction with Free Anterolateral Thigh Dermal Fat Flap
Maria Valentine (Indonesia), Parintosa Atmodiwirjo (Indonesia)
10 Risk Factors for Wound Complications in Head and Neck Reconstruction
Narushi Sugiyama (Japan), Soshi Takao (Japan), Etsuji Suzuki (Japan), Yoshihiro Kimata (Japan)
11 “Mushroom Like” Design in ALT Free Flap for Reconstruction of Cervical Esophagus
Giovanni Esteban Montealegre Gomez (Colombia), Carlos Eduardo Torres Fuentes (Colombia), Susana Correa (Colombia)
12 Selection of Recipient Vessels in Secondary Head and Neck Reconstruction
Satoshi Onoda (Japan), Yoshihiro Kimata (Japan), Narushi Sugiyama (Japan), Hiroshi Matsumoto (Japan)
13 Mandible Reconstruction by the Assistant of Stereolithographic Three-Dimensional Printing Model Technique – Multicenter’s Experience
Ting-Wei Hsu (Taiwan), Chiara Copelli (Italy), Cheng-I Yen (Taiwan), Ching-Husan Hu (Taiwan), Dimitri Liakos (South Africa), Pang-Yun Chou (Taiwan), Chieh-Tsai Wu (Taiwan), Soo-Ha Kwon (Taiwan), Chien-Tzung Chen (Taiwan), Tommy Nai-Jen Chang (Taiwan)
14 A Strategic Approach for Massive Chylous Leakage after Radical Neck Dissection
Chang-Cheng Chang (Taiwan), Geng-He Chang (Taiwan), Yao-Te Tsai (Taiwan), Joe Chi-Cheng Fang (Australia), Ku-Hao Fang (Taiwan)
15 Double Paddle Free Fibula Flaps for Complex Oromandibular Reconstruction
Pradeep Goil (India)
16 Eye Socket Reconstruction Using Free Adipocutaneous Flap
Solji Roh (Japan), Ryo Karakawa (Japan), Mitsunobu Harima (Japan), Isao Koshima (Japan)
F33 Hand and Upper Extremity 5
Date & Time June 17 (Sat)
07:10 - 08:20
Room GBR 105 Track Hand and Upper Extremity
Chair(s) Bruno Battiston (Italy), Seung Suk Choi (Korea)
01Vascularized Bone Grafting from the Medial Femoral Condyle for the Treatment of Humeral Shaft Nonunion
Marina Sajiki (Japan), Daisuke Kaji (Japan), Keiichi Murata (Japan), Hiroshi Yajima (Japan), Yasushi Mizutani (Japan), Kenji Kawamura (Japan)
02 Clinical Outcomes of a Simultaneous Replantation Technique for Amputations of Four or Five Digits
Yu-Jun Kwon (Korea), Byung-Moon Ahn (Korea), Jun-Sung Hwang (Korea), Jin-Young Kim (Korea), Joo-Young Chung (Korea), Myoung-Il Cho (Korea), Kee-Hyun Lee (Korea), Hyung-Tek Choi (Korea), Yong-Chan Ha (Korea)
03 An Alternative Thumb Reconstruction by Double Microsurgical Transfer from the First and Second Toe
Andrea Garcia Villanueva (Spain), Ignacio Roger de Ona (Spain), Alexis Studer de Oya (Spain), Jose Ignacio Garcia Lopez (Spain)
04 Combined Multi-lobed Fabricated Linking Flaps: A Series of 39 Extensive Hand and Multi-digit Injuries One-staged Reconstructions Using Modified Designs of ALT and DP Flaps
Dajiang Song (China), Zhenglin Chi (China), Georgios Pafitanis (UK)
05 Results of Major Upper Extremity Replantation or Revascularization: Thirteen Years of Experiences in a Single Center, and an Indirect Comparison of Outcomes with Reported Arm Transplantations
Young Ho Lee (Korea), Jung Eun Lee (Korea), Min Bom Kim (Korea), Hyun Sik Gong (Korea), Jihyeung Kim (Korea), Goo Hyun Baek (Korea)
06 Osteotomy Combined Forearm Fascia Flap Transfer for Congenital Radioulnar Synostosis
Fang Yu (China), Juyu Tang (China), Zhengbing Zhou (China), Panfeng Wu (China)
07 Forearm Arterialized Venous Free Flaps for the Treatment of Soft Tissue Defect of the Fingers
Kwang Wook Choi (Korea), Jun-Mo Lee (Korea), Young-Keun Lee (Korea)
08 Limb Fosterage Replantation
Juyu Tang (China)
09 Functional Outcome in Unilateral / Bilateral Replantation of Hand/upper limb.
Shailendra Bhrigunath Singh (India)
10 Initial Management of Traumatic Digit Amputation: A Retrospective Study on Functional Outcomes
Ledibabari Ngaage (UK), Georgette Oni (UK), Rudolph Buntic (USA), Charles Malata (UK), Gregory Buncke (USA)
11 The Free Thenar Flap for Pulp Reconstruction – Long Term Results
Vachara Niumsawatt (Australia), Dean Trotter (Australia), Derek Neoh (Australia), Edmund Ek (Australia), Eldon Mah (Australia)
F34 General 3
Date & Time June 17 (Sat)
07:10 - 08:20
Room 203 Track General
Chair(s) Samir Mardini (USA), Sunghoon Ko (Korea)
01Extremity Volume/Total Body Volume Ratio for Evaluation of Extremity Lymphedema: Normative Values in Adult Japanese Women
Yasunori Hattori (Japan), Kota Hayashi (Japan), Sotetsu Sakamoto (Japan), Kazuteru Doi (Japan)
02 Thromboprophylaxis Strategy and the Risk of Free Flap Thrombosis in Patients with Hypercoagulability: A Systematic Review
Johannes Albert Biben (Indonesia), Parintosa Atmodiwirjo (Indonesia)
03 Salveging A Failing Free Flap Due To Venous Thrombosis By Distal Venous Cannulation
Gurdyal Singh Kalra (India)
04 The Effect of Transfusion in the Perioperative Free Tissue Transfer : Is Transfusion Really Dangerous?
Min Ji Kim (Korea), Bo Young Park (Korea), So Ra Kang (Korea), Seung Eun Hong (Korea)
05 The Challenges in Developing Microsurgery Unit in a Limited Resource Setting
Dewi Aisiyah Mukarramah (Indonesia), Prasetyanugraheni Kreshanti (Indonesia)
06 Dual-Anastomosis Technique in Multiple Micro-Anastomosis
Szu-Han Wang (Taiwan), Charles Yuen Yung Loh (Taiwan), Ching-Hsuan Hu (Taiwan)
07 Free Perforator Flap to Repair Traumatic Skin and Soft-tissue Defects of Limbs in Children
Panfeng Wu (China), Juyu Tang (China), Zhengbing Zhou (China), Fang Yu (China)
08 Prospective Randomized Comparison of Scar Appearances between Cograft of Acellular Dermal Aatrix with Autologous Split Thickness Skin and Autologous Split Thickness Skin Graft Alone for Full Thickness Skin Defect on the Extremity
Jae Kwang Kim (Korea), Jun O Yoon (Korea), Young Ho Shin (Korea)
09 Utility of a Thermographic Infrared Micro Camera for the Early Detection of Postoperative Vascular Obstruction in Microvascular Flaps. Preliminary report.
Alejandro Cruz (Mexico)
10 New Preoperative Diagnostic Method for Perforator Flap Perfusion Knowledge
David Priego Carrillo (Spain), Carmen Higueras Suñe (Spain), Xavier Carrillo Suarez (Spain), Victoria Vilalta del Olmo (Spain), Josepa Mauri Ferre (Spain), Cristian Carrasco Lopez (Spain), Antoni Bayes Genis (Spain), Jordi Vila-Poyatos (Spain), Oihane Garcia Senosiain (Spain), Victor Cabrera Mas (Spain)
11 The Curative-Effect Observation For Fibular Flap Synchronous Repairing Limbs Composite Tissue Defects
Fei Cong (China), Tao Song (China)
12 Role of Lymphaticovenular Anastomosis in Immunotherapy for Stewart–Treves Syndrome: Three Cases That Regressed after Lymphaticovenular Anastomosis
Shuhei Yoshida (Japan), Katsunori Takagi (Japan), Mitsunobu Harima (Japan), Shuji Yamashita (Japan), Isao Koshima (Japan)
13 Risk and Effectiveness of Using Thrombin in Microvascular Free Tissue Transfer
Sae Hwi Ki (Korea)
14 Captain Donald H McLean (1922-2004). Adventurer, Rock Climber, Microsurgeon. First Author of the Very First Free Flap
Luciano Ruiz Torres (Brazil), Rames Mattar Jr (Brazil), Renata Paulos (Brazil), Joao Nakamoto (Brazil), Marcelo Rezende (Brazil), Luiz Sorrenti (Brazil), So Kim (Brazil)
15 Primary Vessel Grafts in Vascularized Free Tissue Transfer
Selva SeethaRaman Sakthipalan (India)
16 Microsurgical Debulking Procedure after Free Lymph Node Flap Transfer
Pedro Ciudad (Taiwan), Matteo Amoroso (Taiwan), Agko Mouchammed (Taiwan), Hung-Chi Chen (Taiwan)
F35 Flaps 3
Date & Time June 17 (Sat)
07:10 - 08:20
Room 208 Track General
Chair(s) TC Teo (UK), Hojung Kang (Korea)
01Inner Arm Perforator Flap: Anatomical Background and Clinical Applications
Nizar Assaf (France), Mohammed Alharbi (France), Sandy Dast (France), Benoit Chaput (France), Christian Herlin (France), Raphael Sinna (France)
02 The Role of Super-microsurgery and Arborisation Capture in Free-Styled Propeller Flaps: A Case-Cohort Study Over A Four-Year Period
Ruben Kannan (UK), Isao Koshima (Japan)
03 Re-introducing the Delto-acromial Perforator Flap: The Forgotten Yet Useful Flap of the Thoracoacromial Axis
Seng Huan Adrian Ooi (Singapore), Lawrence J Gottlieb (USA)
04 Supercharging of Large Anterolateral Thigh Flaps when Different Perforators have Different Pedicles of Origin, Increasing Vascularity and Preserving Nerves-An Experience of 20 Cases
Dushyant Jaiswal (India), Saumya Mathews (India), Vinay Kant Shankhdhar (India), Rajendra Dhondge (India), Prabha Yadav (India)
05 Safe and Radical Thinning of Free Anterolateral Thigh Flaps for Reconstruction Post Tumour Extirpation-An Experience of 40 Cases over 5 Years
Dushyant Jaiswal (India), Rajendra Dhondge (India), Saumya Mathews (India), Prabha Yadav (India)
06 Microsurgical Pedicle Length Technique in Free Anterolateral Thigh Flaps
Yeon Jin Jeong (Korea), Hyun Ho Han (Korea), Suk-Ho Moon (Korea)
07 Perfusion Dynamics in Anterolateral Thigh Flaps for Extremity Reconstruction Using Laser Doppler Perfusion Imaging
Yen Chun Lee (Taiwan), Chung-Chen Hsu (Taiwan), Chih-Hung Lin (Taiwan), Yu-Te Lin (Taiwan), Cheng-Hung Lin (Taiwan)
08 Ultra Thin Skin Flap in Male Patients: Free Scrotal Flap
Kidakorn Kiranantawat (Thailand), Perawut Kanchanatunyaluk (Thailand), Atsushi Imaizumi (Japan), Ngamcherd Sitpahul (Thailand), Pedro Ciudad (Taiwan), Matthew Sze-Wei Yeo (Singapore), Fabio Nicoli (Taiwan), Stamatis Sapountzis (Taiwan), Chalermpong Chatdokmaiprai (Thailand), Arthi Kruavit (Thailand)
F36 Lower Extremities & Others
Date & Time June 17 (Sat)
13:40 - 14:50
Room GBR 101 Track Lower Extremity
Chair(s) Raphael Sinna (France)
01Outcomes of Medialis Pedis Flap for Reconstruction of Weightbearing Heel Defect
Jae Hoon Lee (Korea), Duke Whan Chung (Korea), Jung Suk Lee (Korea), Jong Hun Baek (Korea), Kyu Jin Kim (Korea), Chung Hwan Lee (Korea), Hyun Ho Lee (Korea)
02 Shape Modified Radial Artery Adipo-Facio Cutaneous Perforator Flap- Vascular Analysis of Radial Artery Perforators. Observational Anatomical Study
Ehtaih sham Mohamed (India), Jaumie Masia (Spain)
03 Reconstruction of Extensive Limb Defects using Chimeric Free Flaps of the Subscapular Axis
Emre Gazyakan (Germany), Amir Bigdeli (Germany), Christoph Hirche (Germany), Ulrich Kneser (Germany)
04 Combination of the Cross-bridge Flap with Free Latissimus Dorsi and Fibular Flap to Repair the Composite Tissue Defect of Lower Leg
Xu Jihai (China), Hong Chen (China), Xin Wang (China)
05 Functional Reconstruction of the Tongue Using a Musculocutaneous Anterolateral Thigh Flap with Sensorial and Motor Innervation
Dragos Zamfirescu (Romania), Anca Bordianu (Romania), A. Stefanescu (Romania), C. Popoviciu (Romania), A. Stoian (Romania), I. Lascar (Romania)
06 Post-Operative Monitoring of the Free Jejunal Flap: Use of External Colour Duplex Ultrasonography and Systematic Review of Available Techniques
Rory Cuthbert (UK), Christopher Deutsch (UK), Hasu Patel (UK)
07 Complex Esophageal Reconstruction Using Microsurgery: Strategies When Primary Reconstruction Fails
Josep Oriol Bermejo (Spain), Joan Maria Viñals (Spain), Ana López Ojeda (Spain)
08 Vascular Territories of the Medial Upper Arm – an Anatomic Study of the Vascular Basis for Individualized Flap Design
Ines Tinhofer (Austria), Chieh-Han J. Tzou (Austria), Dominik Duscher (Austria), Michael S. Pollhammer (Austria), Wolfgang J. Weninger (Austria), Georg M. Huemer (Austria), Manfred Schmidt (Austria)
09 Clinical Outcomes of Scaphoid Nonunions Treated with 1,2-ICSRA Pedicled Vascularized Bone Graft Combined with Headless Compression Screw or K-wire Fixation
Yong-Suk Lee (Korea), Yang-Guk Chung (Korea), Seung Han Shin (Korea), Jin-Woo Kang (Korea)
10 One-Stage Secondary Debulking Procedure after Flap Reconstruction of the Ankle
Andres Esteban Jaramillo del Rio (Taiwan), Mu-han Hsieh (Taiwan), Tsan-Shiun Lin (Taiwan)
11 Preoperative Computer Tomography Angiography (CTA) in Microvascular Lower Extremity Reconstruction: Is it Mandatory?
Fares Samra (USA), Arash Momeni (USA), Cassandra Ligh (USA), Michael Tecce (USA), Marty Carney (USA), Andrew Bauder (USA), Jason Weissler (USA), Stephen Kovach (USA)
12 Modified Propeller Flap with Adipofascial Tissue Based on Peroneal Artery Perforator for Reconstruction of Defects with Dead Space and Refractory Infection of the Ankle and Foot
Zheng-Bing Zhou (China), Ding Pan (China), Panfeng Wu (China), Fang Yu (China), Xiao-Yang Pang (China), Lei Zeng (China), Yong-Bing Xiao (China), Liming Qing (China), Rui Liu (China), Juyu Tang (China)
13 Posterior Tibial Artery Perforator Pedicled Propeller Flaps for Children Heel Injuries in Spoke Wheel Accidents
Fang Yu (China), Juyu Tang (China), Zhengbing Zhou (China), Panfeng Wu (China)
14 Distal Radius Reconstruction with Vascularised Free Fibular Flap
Christian Fessas (Cyprus), Alkis Alkiviades (Cyprus)
F37 Supermicrosurgery
Date & Time June 17 (Sat)
13:40 - 14:50
Room GBR 102 Track General
Chair(s) Mitsunaga Narushima (Japan), Si Young Roh (Korea)
01Efficacy of Supermicrosurgical Lymphaticovenular Anastomosis: An Analysis of 2381 Anastomoses on 454 Limbs
Takumi Yamamoto (Japan), Nana Yamamoto (Japan), Hidehiko Yoshimatsu (Japan), Mitsunaga Narushima (Japan), Isao Koshima (Japan)
02 Complete Reconstruction of Lymph Flow: Supermicrosurgical Vascularized Lymph Node True Perforator Flap Transfer with Efferent Lymphaticolymphatic Anastomosis
Takumi Yamamoto (Japan), Nana Yamamoto (Japan), Ryohei Ishiura (Japan), Hidehiko Yoshimatsu (Japan)
03 LVA vs. LVI: Comparison of Anastomosis Patency between Supermicrosurgical Lymphaticovenular Anastomosis and Microsurgical Lymphaticovenous Implantation using Rat Model
Ryohei Ishiura (Japan), Takumi Yamamoto (Japan)
04 Fingertip Replantation with Palmar Venous Anastomoses in Children
Wanrun Zhong (China)
05 Thirty-Years’ Experience in Functioning Free Muscle Transplantation: Technical Refinements, Lessons Learned, and Pearls and Pitfalls from a Single Surgeon’s Series of More than 1,000 Cases of Upper and Lower Extremity Reconstruction and Facial Reanimation
Vincent Gregory Laurence (Taiwan), Johnny Chuieng-Yi Lu (Taiwan), David Chwei-Chin Chuang (Taiwan)
06 Perforator Pedicled Micro Propeller Flaps for Soft Tissue Coverage of Finger Defects
Haoliang Hu (China), Xueyuan Li (China)
07 Lymphatic Malformation is Treatable with Super-Micro Surgical Strategy
Motoi Kato (Japan), Takuya Iida (Japan), Isao Koshima (Japan)
08 Reconstruction of a Radiation Ulcer with Free Flap Using the Perforator Artery as a Recipient Vessel
Ji Min Kim (Korea), Suk-Ho Moon (Korea)
09 Innervated Dorsoradial Perforator Free Flap: A Reliable Supermicrosurgery Fingertip Reconstruction Technique
Georgios Pafitanis (UK), Dajiang Song (China), Peng Yang (China), Mitsunaga Narushima (Japan), Zan Li (China), Linfeng Liu (China), Zengtao Wang (China)
10 Hybrid Perforator Flaps: Introducing a New Concept in Perforator Flap Surgery
Damir Kosutic (UK)
11 Repair of Different Types of Nail Bed Defect by Free Great Toe Fibular Dorsal Nail Bed Flap
Mingbo Liu (China), Bao-long Li (China), Weide Ye (China), Weiyong Xie (China), Yanjun Yang (China), Ziqing Zhang (China)
12 Spread Super-Microsurgey Indications to the Pediatric Diseases
Motoi Kato (Japan), Takuya Iida (Japan), Isao Koshima (Japan)
F38 Lower Extremity 6
Date & Time June 17 (Sat)
13:40 - 14:50
Room GBR 103 Track Lower Extremity
Chair(s) Apirag Chuangsuwanich (Thailand)
01Distal Perforator-Only Propeller (D-POP) Anterolateral Thigh Flap for Reconstructions around the Knee
Damir Kosutic (UK)
02 Sensate Free ALT Flap for Foot Reconstruction in Paediatric Population
Mohammed H. El Fahar (Egypt)
03 The Medial Sural Artery Perforator Flap. A Versatile Tool for Soft Tissue Reconstruction of the Foot and Ankle.
Zaher Jandali (Germany), Martin C. Lam (Germany), Benedikt Merwart (Germany), Wiebke Steege (Germany), Sascha Zachariah (Germany), Klaus Müller (Germany), Lucian P. Jiga (Germany)
04 Lower Limb Vs Upper Limb Replantations
Dragos Zamfirescu (Romania), Anca Bordianu (Romania), A. Stoian (Romania), A. Stefanescu (Romania), C. Popoviciu (Romania), I. Lascar (Romania)
05 Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Free Flap versus Pedicled Perforator Flap for the Traumatic Lower Third Leg Reconstruction
Jo-Chun Hsiao (Taiwan), Chih-Hung Lin (Taiwan), Chung-Chen Hsu (Taiwan), Yu-Te Lin (Taiwan), Neil Suresh Sachanandani (USA), Cheng-Hung Lin (Taiwan)
06 Close-by Islanded Posterior Tibial Artery Perforator Flap for Coverage of the Ankle Defect
Sujin Bahk (Korea), SeungHwan Hwang (Korea), Chan Kwon (Korea), Euicheol Jeong (Korea), SuRak Eo (Korea)
07 Salvage of 1st Ray and Toe Reconstruction for 1st and 2nd Toe Necroses Using One SCIP Flap
Reiko Tsukuura (Japan)
08 Free Tissue Transfer for Chronic Lower Extremity Wounds: A Single Surgeon Experience with 101 Consecutive Free Flaps
Chrisovalantis Lakhiani (USA), Paul Kim (USA), John Steinberg (USA), Christopher Attinger (USA), Karen Evans (USA)
09 ALT Flap to Reconstruct Lower Third of Leg including Foot and Ankle in University Hospital of Albacete
Celso Lenin Chuquisana Mostacero (Spain), Javier Montón Echeverría (Spain), Maria Llanos Montero Acebal (Spain), Miguel Dobón Roux (Spain), Óscar Pérez González (Spain), Asia Torres Pérez (Spain), María Gijón Vega (Spain), Gregorio Jesús Gómez Bajo (Spain)
10 The Composite Anterolateral Thigh Free Flap for Complex Defects of the Lower Limb
Hong Phuc Le (Viet Nam), Thiet Son Tran (Viet Nam)
11 Technical Details and Results of Lower Limb Reconstruction with Free vs Perforator Flap
Tugba Gun Koplay (Turkey), Muhammed Nebil Selimoglu (Turkey), Osman Akdag (Turkey), Mehtap Karamese (Turkey), Zekeriya Tosun (Turkey)
12 An Aesthetic and Functional Reconstruction Using a Peroneal Artery Perforator Flap
Nedhal Alqumber (Saudi Arabia), Hyun Ho Han (Korea), Suk-Ho Moon (Korea)
13 Is it Still a Place for Free Muscle Flaps in Complex Defects of the Lower Leg and Foot?
Alexandru Valentin Georgescu (Romania), Ileana Matei (Romania), Octavian Olariu (Romania)
F39 Head and Neck 6
Date & Time June 17 (Sat)
13:40 - 14:50
Room GBR 104 Track Head and Neck
Chair(s) Samir Madhukar Kumta (India), Jong-Woo Choi (Korea)
01Preservation of the Inferior Alveolar Nerve During Resection and Reconstruction of The Mandible
Sergey Tereshchuk (Russia), Vladimir Sukharev (Russia), Pavel Demenchuk (Russia)
02 Sandwich Fascial Anterolateral Thigh flap in Head and Neck Reconstruction: Evolution or Revolution?
Mario Cherubino (Italy), Jens Berli (USA), Francesca Maggiulli (Italy), Federico Taborini (Italy), Luigi Valdatta (Italy)
03 A New Algorithm for Representation in Supra Major OncoReconstruction of Head and Neck Malignancy in Accordance with TNM Classification
Shailendra Bhrigunath Singh (India), Girish Mishra (India), Sushan Bhat (India)
04 Distraction Osteogenesis of Fibular Free Flap in Patients with Mandibular Reconstruction Due to Hemifacial Microsomia
Eric Santamaria (Mexico), Soledad Rubio-Mainardi (Mexico), Damian Palafox (Mexico), Daniela Tellez-Palacios (Mexico)
05 Trismus Surgical Release and Free Flap Reconstruction after Radiation Therapy in Oral and Oropharyngeal Squamous Cell Carcinoma
Alba De Pablo (Taiwan), Yu-Ting Chen (Taiwan), Jyh-Kwei Chen (Taiwan), Chung-Kan Tsao (Taiwan)
06 Double Arterialized Free Antero-lateral Thigh Flap
Toshiaki Numajiri (Japan), Shoko Tsujiko (Japan), Daiki Morita (Japan), Hiroko Nakamura (Japan), Yoshihiro Sowa (Japan)
07 Computer-Aided Surgery Technique in Jaw Reconstruction with Vascularized Fibula Flap
Tao Zhang (China), Runtai Lin (China), Yongning Chen (China), Lijiang Yu (China), Chao Ma (China), Mu Wang (China), Dianyin Shi (China), Xiaolin Shao (China), Manman Liu (China), Fanhao Meng (China)
08 Application of Free Serratus Anterior Fascial Flap for the Reconstruction of Ear Deformity Due to Hemifacial Microsomia
Takashi Nuri (Japan), Koichi Ueda (Japan)
09 Cryosurgery Combined with Free Fibula Flap in The Treatment of Local Aggressive Mandibular Tumors: The Treliminary Tesults
Bulent Sacak (Turkey), Zeynep D. Akdeniz Dogan (Turkey), Zafer Kaya (Turkey), Samet Sendur (Turkey), F. Nihal Durmus Kocaaslan (Turkey), Ozhan Celebiler (Turkey)
10 Method of Creating Surgical Guided Templates for Model Surgery Using Sterilized and Inexpensive Dental Impression Silicon (Protesil labor®) in Fibula Flap Mandibular Reconstruction
Chihiro Matsui (Japan), Tatsuo Masubuchi (Japan), Chihiro Fushimi (Japan), Koki Miura (Japan), Narushi Sugiyama (Japan), Satoshi Onoda (Japan), Yoshihiro Kimata (Japan)
11 ALT Free Flap for the Reconstruction of Nasal Defect
Viet Dung Pham Thi (Viet Nam), Thiet Son Tran (Viet Nam)
12 Flap Reconstruction of the Hypopharynx: A Defect Orientated Approach
Rajendra Suresh Gujjalanavar (India)
13 Timing of Masseter to Facial Nerve Transfer Affects Ultimate Outcomes in Facial Nerve Paralysis
Shuhao Zhang (USA), Christina Ching (USA), Austin Hembd (USA), Philip Tolley (USA), Shai Rozen (USA)
14 Progressive Refinements of Free Fibula Flap for Skeletal Reconstruction of the Head and Neck Reconstruction: A Single Surgeon’s Experience of 81 Consecutive Cases
Tahsin Oguz Acarturk (USA)
F40 Hand and Upper Extremity 6
Date & Time June 17 (Sat)
13:40 - 14:50
Room GBR 105 Track Hand and Upper Extremity
Chair(s) Hiroyuki Gotani (Japan), SuRak Eo (Korea)
01Study and Follow Up of Semi Hallux Nail Flap for Fingertip Reconstruction
Xiaoju Zheng (China), Baoshan Wang (China)
02 How Far the Indication Can Be Pushed for Local Perforator Flaps in Complex Defects of the Upper Limb?
Alexandru Valentin Georgescu (Romania), Ileana Matei (Romania), Octavian Olariu (Romania)
03 Free Radial Collateral Artery Perforator Flap for Reconstruction of Soft-tissue Defects in Hand
Lei Zeng (China), Juyu Tang (China), Panfeng Wu (China), Zhengbing Zhou (China), Fang Yu (China)
04 New Strategy for the Fingertip Reconstruction
Hirohisa Kusuhara (Japan), Hitoshi Nishiwaki (Japan), Yu Sueyoshi (Japan), Yoshihito Itani (Japan), Takahiro Hasimoto (Japan), Hitomi Nakao (Japan), Tomokazu Fukuda (Japan), Narihiko Hirano (Japan), Kohei Ichinohashi (Japan), Noritaka Isogai (Japan)
05  Superficial Palmar Branch of the Radial Artery Free Flap for Small Defects in Finger
Alper Aksoy (Turkey), Emin Sir (Turkey), Meliha Aksoy (Turkey), Daghan Dagdelen (Turkey)
06 Ultilization of Hypothenar Perforator Free Flaps for Soft Tissue Reconstruction of Digits
Daghan Dagdelen (Turkey), Alper Aksoy (Turkey), Emin Sir (Turkey)
07 Toe Transfers in the Upper Limb - A Retrospective Study 2005-2016
Christian Fessas (Cyprus), Alkis Alkiviades (Cyprus)
08 Use of the Anterolateral Thigh Perforator Flap for Hand Reconstruction
Vu Hoang Nguyen (Viet Nam), Thiet Son Tran (Viet Nam), Viet Dung Pham Thi (Viet Nam)
09 Arterialized Venous Flow-Through Flaps For the Reconstruction of the Finger Soft Tissue Defects
Thanh Tung Uong (Viet Nam), Thiet Son Tran (Viet Nam)
10 Reverse Digital Arterial Arch in Zone 1 Digital Replantation
Gustavo Vinagre (Spain), Oscar Orozco (Spain), Mark Shafarenko (Canada), Yi-Chun Huang (Taiwan), Ching-Yueh Wei (Taiwan)
11 Reconstruction of Complex Soft-tissue Defects in the Extremities with Chimeric Anterolateral Thigh Perforator Flap
Baoshan Wang (China), Xiaoju Zheng (China)
12 Primary Reconstruction of the Thumb Due to Amputation or Degloving
Matías Federico Sander Berman (Taiwan), Tsan-Shiun Lin (Taiwan), Andres Esteban Jaramillo Del Rio (Taiwan)
13 The Role of Artificial Dermal Matrix in Prevention of Postoperative Adhesion after Tenorrhaphy
Hyung-Sup Shim (Korea)
F41 Nerve / Trunk
Date & Time June 17 (Sat)
13:40 - 14:50
Room 203 Track Nerve
Chair(s) Theddeus Octavianus Hari Prasetyono (Indonesia), Seung Suk Choi (Korea)
01Improved Preoperative Diagnostics of Peripheral Nerve Lesions Using MR-Neurography
Leila Harhaus (Germany), Konstantin Bergmeister (Germany), Daniel Schwarz (Germany), Florian Neubrech (Germany), Martin Bendszus (Germany), Ulrich Kneser (Germany)
02 Inferior Alveolar Nerve Paralysis Reconstruction via One Fascicle of Contralateral Mental Nerve – 4 Case Reports
Evelyn Ting-Hsuan Tang (Taiwan), Mark Shafarenko (Canada), Johnny Chuieng - Yi Lu (Taiwan), David Chwei-Chin Chuang (Taiwan), Tommy Nai-Jen Chang (Taiwan)
03 Acute Flaccid Paralysis of Upper Extremity Following Enterovirus Infection: Results of Surgical Reconstruction
Abdelhakim Marei (Egypt), Kazuteru Doi (Japan), Yasunori Hattori (Japan), Sotetsu Sakamoto (Japan), Kota Hayashi (Japan)
04 Free-style Pedicled Perforator Flaps for The Repair of Myelomeningocele Defects
Atsushi Imaizumi (Japan)
05 Pedicled Flap versus Free Tissue Transfer for Back Reconstruction
Sho Komagoe (Japan), Toshiyuki Watanabe (Japan), Seiji Komatsu (Japan), Yoshihiro Kimata (Japan)
06 Nerve Transfer to Supraspinatus and Serratus Anterior Muscle Using Spinal Accessory Nerve and 2 Intercostal Nerves in Patient with C5-C7 Root Avulsion Injuries
Kanchai Malungpaishrope (Thailand), Somsak Leechavengvongs (Thailand), Chairoj Uerpairojkit (Thailand), Dejporn Putthiwara (Thailand), Navapong Ananthavorasakul (Thailand), Worawit Densiriaksorn (Thailand)
07 Surgical Treatment of Traumatic Neuroma by Helicoid End-To-Side Weaves Neurorrhaphy Technique and Clinical Outcomes
Feng Zhu (China), Tsu-min Tsai (USA)
08 Salvage of Failed Primary Nerve Reconstruction- Re-use of Spinal Accessory Nerve for Free Functioning Muscle Transfers
Anil Bhatia (India)
09 Freestyle De-epithelialized Propeller Flaps; An Ideal Local Flap to Obliterate Wounds with Dead Space
Asli Dalti (Turkey), HyunSuk Suh (Korea), Young Chul Kim (Korea), Joon Pio (JP) Hong (Korea)
10 Free Vascularized Sural Nerve Flap for Peripheral Nerve Injuries with Associated Neuroma
Mohammed H. El Fahar (Egypt)
11 Long Term Analysis of Flap Coverage of Exposed Cardiac Ventricular Assist Devices
Nadeera Dawlagala (USA), Vahe Fahradyan (USA), Kihyun Cho (USA), Antonio Rampazzo (USA), Bahar Bassiri (USA), James E. Zins (USA)
12 Prospective Randomized Controlled Pilot Trial of Prevention of Seroma Formation after Chlorothiazide Treatment for Abdominal Tissue based Breast Reconstruction
Youngchul Suh (Korea), Yeon Hoon Lee (Korea), Jin Sup Eom (Korea)
13 Cubital Tunnel Syndrome Caused by Anconeus Epitrochlearis Muscle
Soo-Hwan Kang (Korea), Il-Jung Park (Korea)
14 Osseointegrated Neural Interface (ONI) for Prosthetic Control: Rethinking Surgical Paradigms for the Treatment of Amputation Neuromas
Aaron Dingle (USA), Joseph Novelo (USA), Jared Ness (USA), Jackie Israel (USA), Bfett Nemke (USA), Yan Lu (USA), Jane Pissanello (USA), Mark Markel (USA), Justin Williams (USA), Samuel Poore (USA)
15 Second Harmonic Generation Microscopy for Evaluation of Collagen After Sciatic Nerve Repair in the Rat
Jacqueline Israel (USA), Corinne Esquibel (USA), Aaron Dingle (USA), Madison Hesse (USA), Jane Pisaniello (USA), Joey Novello (USA), Justin Williams (USA), Kevin Eliceiri (USA), Samuel Poore (USA)
16 Penile Replantation: A Retrospective Analysis of Outcomes and Complications
Krishna Vyas (USA), Shane Morrison (USA), Afaaf Shakir (USA), Austin Remington (USA), Benjamin Mogni (USA), Daniel Cho (USA), Amir Rahnemai-Azar (USA), Gordon Lee (USA), Jeffrey Friedrich (USA), Samir Mardini (USA)
F42 Flaps 4
Date & Time June 17 (Sat)
13:40 - 14:50
Room 208 Track General
Chair(s) Hyun Oun Hahn (Korea), Bien Keem Tan (Singapore)
01Distally Based Perforator-Plus Sural Neurofasciocutaneous Flap:Anatomical Observation and Experiences with 307 Flaps
Zhonggen Dong (China), Jianwei Wei (China), Lihong Liu (China), Jiangdong Ni (China), Xi Liu (China), Ping Peng (China)
02 The Posteromedial Thigh (PMT) Flap: Anatomical Basis, Surgical Technique and Clinical Applications
Mario F. Scaglioni (Switzerland), Pietro Giovanoli (Switzerland), Yen-Chou Chen (Taiwan)
03 Clinical Outcomes of Free Flap Transfer after Resection of Arterio-Venous Malformation
Masahide Fujiki (Japan), Mine Ozaki (Japan), Yuki Iwashina (Japan), Nobuyuki Kaji (Japan), Keigo Narita (Japan), Akihiko Takushima (Japan), Kiyonori Harii (Japan)
04 Versatility, Refinements and Expanded Clinical Applications of the Free and Pedicled Flaps from the Lateral Circumflex Femoral Artery (LCFA) Systems: A Single Surgeon’s Experience of 170 Consecutive Cases
Tahsin Oguz Acarturk (USA)
05 Is the Scapular/Parascapular Flap still useful for Reconstruction of the Extremities Defects?
Soo Joong Choi (Korea), Jin Soo Park (Korea)
06 Defect Reconstruction with Anterolateral Thigh Flap in Pediatric Patients
Ozlenen Ozkan (Turkey), Hasan Tuna Turkmen (Turkey), Polat Bicici (Turkey), Omer Ozkan (Turkey)
07 Repair of Complex Bone and Soft Tissue Defect of Limbs with Free Fibula Composite Tissue Flap
Peiji Wang (China), Jiaju Zhao (China), Yong Zhang (China), Kailong Zhou (China), Jupu Zhou (China), Zhicheng Zuo (China)
08 Microsurgery in Burn Reconstruction – 17 Years of Experience
Daniel Alvaro Alvarez Lazo (Brazil), Salomão Chade Assan Zatiti (Brazil), Daniel Mamere Alvarez (Brazil), Alex Boso (Brazil), Marco Marevitch (USA)
09 Fibula and Medial Femoral Condyle Flaps Donor Site Morbidity Comparison in Long-time Follow Up
Maksim Sautin (Russia), Bella Gazimieva (Russia), Igor Golubev (Russia)
10 Reconstruction of Huge Defect with Anterolateral Thigh (ALT) Turbocharging Flap Using Anteromedial Thigh (AMT) Perforator
Yoon Jae Lee (Korea), Jong Hyeon Choi (Korea), Suk-Ho Moon (Korea)
11 The Safety of Free ALT Flap in Plastic Surgery
Thiet Son Tran (Viet Nam), Viet Dung Pham Thi (Viet Nam)
12 The Derivation and Development of Perforator Flap
Juyu Tang (China)
13 Flow-Through Flaps in Extremity Reconstruction. Our Experience and Literature Review
Tiara Lopez Penha (Netherlands), Manuel Fernandez-Garrido (Spain), Shan Shan Qiu (Netherlands)
14 The Circumflex Scapular Artery Perforator (Parascapular) Flap: A Reliable and Versatile Option for Sarcoma Reconstruction
Diego Marre (Australia), Eldon Mah (Australia)
15 Use of the Chimeric Anterolateral Thigh Free Flap Repair the Skin Defect Combined Dead Space
Jiqiang He (China), Juyu Tang (China), Panfeng Wu (China), Zhengbing Zhou (China), Fang Yu (China), Liming Qing (China)