9th Congress of World Society for Reconstructive Microsurgery, Bridging the Gap and Beyond, June 14(Wed) – 17(Fri), 2017 COEX Seoul, Korea

E Poster Presentation Guidelines

E posters are electronic version/PDF of a poster presentation. The E posters may include text, figures, charts, tables, images and artwork but does NOT include any video, web links or animation. E Posters do not require printing or production of materials as your work (PDF) will be presented on the monitor in the dedicated E Poster area. And there is no E poster presentation required for E poster presenters.

There will be 46 inch touch screen set up in the E poster area and the presentation is interactive via a touch screen.

E poster presentation will be ongoing from June 15th to 17th, from 07:00 to 18:00 at the lobby of the 2nd floor, COEX, which is the venue of WSRM 2017.
Please read the guidelines below carefully before working on your presentation file and the secretariat does NOT fix your presentation file on your behalf. Moreover, we do not accept your presentation file thru email so you must upload your E poster presentation files on MYPAGE by Monday 29th of May.
  • Language: All presentations should be made using the English language and all presentation materials should be created in English.
  • File Format: E Poster Presentation file format is PDF. E Poster Presentation file must be made in Microsoft Office POWERPOINT with up to 3 slides and then save it as PDF format.
  • On the Design tab, in the page setup group, click Slide Orientation. Then click Portrait (Vertical).
  • The size of slides must be 28.575cm:50.9cm. On the Design tab, in the page setup group, click Page Setup and Slide Size and go to Custom slide size and click on Custom in the slides sized for. Change the size to 28.575cm (Width) and 50.8cm (Height).
  • Move clips: No movie clips are allowed in the presentation file.
  • The size of text should be over 16 points.
  • 1. Upload your E poster presentation file on MYPAGE at the website.
  • Please LOG IN the website and upload your E poster presentation file on MY PAGE by Monday 29th of May. The maximum presentation size including materials is 10MB.
  • Click “UPLOAD” button and for uploading Presentation file(s).

  • It is imperative that you upload it on MYPAGE by Monday 29th of May. After this date, MYPAGE will be closed. And E poster presentation file can NOT be updated in the Speaker Ready Room so it is important that you upload it on MYPAGE by the deadline. However, you may log back in and modify your presentation files as many times as you like until the deadline. All E posters must be uploaded on MYPAGE by Monday 29th of May in order to be included.