9th Congress of World Society for Reconstructive Microsurgery, Bridging the Gap and Beyond, June 14(Wed) – 17(Fri), 2017 COEX Seoul, Korea

Free Paper Oral Presentation Guidelines

All sessions are final as scheduled and presentation schedule has been sent you already. If you have NOT received your presentation schedule, please email at program@wsrm2017.com ASAP.

Previously, we allowed oral presenters to bring their own laptops for presentation. However, due to a short presentation time in each session, the use of personal laptops for presentation is prohibited in session rooms. All presentation files must be uploaded in MYPAGE by Monday 29th of May or bring your presentation file to Speaker Ready Room an half day before your presentation.

PRIOR TO ARRIVING: Prepare Presentation File(s)

  • Language:
    All presentations must be made using the English language and all presentation materials must be created in English.
  • Oral Presentation file format:
    Oral Presentation file must be made in Microsoft Office POWERPOINT or PDF.
  • Slide size: The size should be in a 4:3 format.
  • Fonts: We only supply fonts that are included in the basic installation of Windows. Fonts other than these should be embedded into your PowerPoint presentation. Use of fonts not included in Windows can lead to words that bleed into graphics or bullets that may be the wrong style.
  • Pictures: Images inserted into PowerPoint are embedded into the presentation. Images that are created at a dpi setting higher than 75 dpi are not necessary and will only increase the file size of your presentation. Try to avoid overloading your presentation with unnecessary images. JPG images are the preferred file format for inserted images.
  • Movies: Please create your movies as MPEGs or WMV. When building your presentation, all files (PowerPoint and external, i.e. movie files) associated with your presentation must reside in the same folder. Be sure you bring your movie files along with your PowerPoint presentation; they are NOT embedded into the PowerPoint

PRIOR TO ARRIVING: Upload your Presentation File(s) on the website

  • Please LOG IN and upload your Presentation file on MY PAGE by Monday 29th of May. The maximum presentation size including materials is 10MB.
  • Click “UPLOAD” button and for uploading Presentation file(s) on MYPAGE.
  • You may log back in and modify your presentation files as many times as you like until the deadline.

  • Please visit the Speaker Ready Room an half day before your presentation day to review or check your presentation file even though you have uploaded it on MYPAGE already.


    • Please bring your presentation file in USB memory stick with you to the presentation room as a backup in case of emergency.


      • Please observe your presentation time allotted to you. - You will NOT be permitted to speak longer than this.
      • Presenter should take a seat in front when they come in the Session Room.
      • The session room equipment consists of:
        -Lectern with Microphone, Laptop, mouse and laser pointer (You will be able to control your presentation file on the lectern)
        -Screen / LCD projector / Microphone for Q&A
        -Time clock on the stage

      • Speaker Ready Room

        Location Rm209, 2nd Floor
        Operating Date and Hours June 14th 08:00-18:00
        June 15th 07:00-18:00
        June 16th 07:00-18:00
        June 17th 07:00-15:00